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 Teaching your children the true Gospel = Child abuse?!!

I wasn't sure if this should be under 'News and Events' or 'Miracles That Follow the Plow', whatever the case might be, this is worth paying heed to and I did make mention of it in [url=]this thread[/url] but after spending more time reading the comments and other blogs linked to this one, I decided this deserved it's own thread.

Jean of [url=]The Virtuous Woman blog[/url] shared about her four year old daughter's sensitivity to doing wrong and her understanding of her need for Jesus Christ to save her from her sins. It's a wonderful blog post and a great blessing to read of this parent's faithfulness in raising her children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, but the comments are both horrifying and shocking. The main accusation against this mother is 'child abuse'. If you're interested in reading what the atheistic community thinks about Christians, start reading the comments on this blog post, and if you want more there are links at the bottom of comments that go to other blogs that are discussing Jean's 'child abuse'.

The days that Paul Washer talked about are upon us.

"Persecution or a Great Awakening" - Paul Washer

Pray for Jean. Defend the faith. And stand firm on the Rock of God's Word and the salvation we have in Jesus Christ.

 2008/11/11 19:36

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 Re: Teaching your children the true Gospel = Child abuse?!!

Hi Joy,

I went to Jean's site to read her post. I understand what Jean is saying, though I think it might be a tad extreme. I do believe that children should realize that they are sinners and that only Jesus can help them - but that should be balanced with the knowledge that they are loved and special as well. I can't imagine any parent not telling their children how special and loved they are.

The Bible does say that we have nothing good in us, etc... but that's not all it says- it also says that we are fearfully and wonderfuly made, that we are written on the palms of the Father's hands, that He loves us and sings over us and much more....

Anyway, that's not my point in commenting here- I happened to look at some of her other posts and saw a post from August 5 called "Slavery is Not Wrong". I read it carefully and just really had a hard time with that- especially considering the fact that Jean is an African American. I can't help but grieve thinking that all those years that African Americans were sold and bought like property (even if they weren't abused) that that glorified God in any way and that it was right.

I can't imagine the humiliation of being bought and sold as property. I am praying over this.

Just thought I'd mention it- not trying to argue or anything :)

In Him, Chanin

:Edit:- Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp does a really good job of explaining how to apply the gospel to children. Kirk cameron did an interview with him at the same time he did an interview with Paul Washer on TBN.


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 Re: Teaching your children the true Gospel = Child abuse?!!

I checked out that blog and you are right, unfortunately.

This type of criticism reminds me what Jesus said in Matt. 7:6 "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you." This blog reminds one that a body should be very careful what you share in a public forum because of this very thing. To share the story of her child is not essential for life or even witnessing for the LORD. Many things are absolutely foolishness to the unbeliever and this is one of them. To share it with them is tantamount to casting your pearls before swine...these critics are acting like pigs. Smell like 'em, too! :-o

Sure hope this lady will not get hurt by the vituperative words flung her way....


Sandra Miller

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The gospel had been maligned and will be maligned but let us not shame the gospel by our behavior. Many had been really abused and scourged in the name of religion, institution, beliefs, or creed.

I hope that when the believers start losing their jobs, possesions, or freedom for the glory of God, many would not be so callous but heed to the word of James:

Jam 1:27 religion pure and undefiled with the God and Father is this, to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation--unspotted to keep himself from the world.

Jam 2:15 But if a brother or a sister is naked and may be lacking in daily food,

Jam 2:16 and any one of you say to them, Go in peace, be warmed and filled, but does not give them the things the body needs, what gain is it?

That story about Mrs. Mapes written by appolus
should inspire us.

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 Re: Teaching your children the true Gospel = Child abuse?!!

may we pray for mothers, who desire o rsie their children ingod fearing way. May we pray for them to remian strong and kind when such things come their way. May God help them and give the hope and joy. Let us fearGod and not man

May we pray for this dear sister in the lord


 2008/11/12 1:33Profile


I looked at that blog and I was shocked at how people were slandering this lady. The ironic thing about is that in the blog post she never says anything about telling her daughter that she's a sinner. Her 4 year old simply realized that she couldn't be good on her own and that she needs Jesus to be good. And then all these people come and accuse her of child abuse. It is very ridiculous!

Near the end though the lady (the girl's mother) told the blog readers about her daughter realizing she is a wretched little girl. We do need to be careful with our words. Saying such things before the world, as ginnyrose said, is foolishness to the unbeliever and not necessary to say as a witness for the Lord. I was still shocked at the viciousness of the accusations and we need to pray for this woman.

May God still receive glory through this

 2008/11/12 3:35

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Yes, I really feel sad for what this dear sister is getting for her testimony. But their responses just shows the prevailing thoughts of today's generation.

I hope she will be strengthened in her faith and blessings be upon her and her family.

As to the other concerns raised about this sister, well, she will outgrow them as she continue to follow the Lord humbly and faithfully.

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 Re: Teaching your children the true Gospel = Child abuse?!!

I do agree with passerby that as this young lady matures she will increase in knowledge and grow in her faith. But I also agree with the comment of moreofHim, that some of her blogs are questionable.

We want our children to know the Lord and the best way is by precept and example. If the Lord is truly working in the heart of this child He will complete the work He has started. As parents we must be ever so careful to follow His lead as Paul says "follow me as I follow Christ."

It is talking with them as we walk along the way, when we get up, when we lay down, as we drive them to and from school. Teaching, reproving, exhorting. Growing them up in the knowledge of Him. And following the wisdom of those godly mothers around us.

I am reminded of something I heard a pastor say once, 'You do some good, but you also do a lot of harm'.

She seems to be inmature in the faith and those who read her blogs and know no better will think that this is the way ALL of those who name the name of Christ think.

I pray that the Lord will give her decernment, and that she will be slow to speak, and quick to listen to the Lord in everything.:-o

In Him

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