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 Gay Marriage advocates continue to wreak havoc...


Last week, the State of California voted to ban homosexual marriage in the state. It reflects the end of the most expensive ballot measure in United States history. Most of the money for the pro-gay marriage campaign came from outside of California. Pro-gay marriage advertisements aired over and over again, yet the voters still decided against it (by the same margin of victory by Barack Obama in the election). This reflects an even more overwhelming decision made by voters just two years ago (but was overturned by a single vote majority of the California Supreme Court). The people have spoken (again), yet the homosexual activists are not pleased.

News reports have indicated that the homosexual groups are marching in parades...that end up at churches that supported of the proposition. They are angry that churches will not support or ignore their sinful lifestyle as they attempt to force society to recognize it and redefine marriage to suit their own lusts.

Here is an article that appeared in newspapers yesterday. It is funny that the media has been covering the pro-homosexual groups and not much from the majority of California voters who supported Proposition 8's embrace of traditional marriage.

Here is the article...

[b]Hollywood joins the furor over gay marriage ban[/b]
7 November 2008
Associated Press (AP)

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Thousands of protesters are angry about California's ban on gay marriage - and so are the stars.

Many celebrities grieved the passing of Proposition 8 in California this week. Some - such as Wanda Sykes, Rose McGowen and Lance Bass - attended a Wednesday protest criticizing the state's gay marriage ban. Others - like Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, Samantha Ronson and Melissa Etheridge - vented their frustrations online, on TV, and onstage.

Blocks away from the Thursday rally of more than 2,000 gay-rights advocates outside the gates of a Mormon temple, several stars - including James Cromwell, Patricia Clarkson, Anjelica Huston and Sean Penn - said they supported the protesters while walking the red carpet at the BAFTA L.A. Brittania Awards at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel.

"I think it might be an idea to go out and join them shortly," Penn said. "It was a shameful decision that was made."

Etheridge, who exchanged vows with her longtime partner in a 2003 ceremony, declared she wouldn't pay her taxes in a blog entry posted Thursday on The gay Oscar- and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter said without the right to marry in California, she didn't think she should have to pay taxes because "I am not a full citizen."

"I don't mean to get too personal here," Etheridge wrote. "But there is a lot I can do with the extra half a million dollars that I will be keeping instead of handing it over to the state of California. Oh, and I am sure Ellen will be a little excited to keep her bazillion bucks that she pays in taxes, too."

DeGeneres posted a brief message of support for President-elect Barack Obama and the gay-rights advocates protesting against Proposition 8 on her show's Web site Friday. The talk show host, who married actress Portia de Rossi in August, previously donated $100,000 against the ballot initiative and starred in a commercial lamenting the measure.

"So there was a demonstration here on Wednesday night," DeGeneres wrote, "and just before I walked out here, I was watching the news and there is a huge, huge, peaceful demonstration going on in the streets, and I say, good for you, and I support you, and if I weren't here, I'd be out there with you."

O'Donnell, who lives in New York, responded to comments and questions about her stance on the issue on her Web site. When one person said he understood why she didn't come out against the proposition, O'Donnell responded: "I AM AGAINST PROP 8. DUH." She also wrote she believes the estimated 18,000 gay marriages would be annulled "like mine was years ago."

The former talk show host, who lives in New York with partner Kelli Carpenter and their four children, publicly wed Carpenter in San Francisco in 2004, two weeks after Mayor Gavin Newsom authorized granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The licenses were later voided by the California Supreme Court.

Also ranting online was celebrity disc jockey Samantha Ronson. Lindsay Lohan's gal pal blogged Thursday that she was shocked California voters approved an animal-rights initiative but that ballot measures about gay marriage and adoption in California, Florida, Arizona and Arkansas were shot down.

"I guess people care more about farm animals than they do their fellow man, that's really sad to me," Ronson wrote on her MySpace blog. "Yes, I am glad that the chickens will have more room and better conditions as they wait to die, but I just think it's frightening that people show more compassion for tomorrow's dinner than for the chef."

Other celebs used time in the spotlight to decry the decision. Madonna took a moment during her concert at Dodger Stadium to declare to the audience that she was sad "because African-Americans are equal finally, but gay marriage is not." Former teen queen Christina Aguilera also spoke out against the ban.

"I think it's discrimination," Aguilera said in a Thursday interview with MTV News. "I don't understand how people can be so close-minded and so judgmental. We chose an African-American president who means so much in a time in history of great change and open-mindedness. Why is this any different? It just doesn't make sense to me."


AP Television reporters Marcela Isaza and Natalie Rotman contributed to this report.

[url=]Click HERE[/url] to read the full article and accompanying links. Be careful: The links are intolerant of the Christian faith.


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 Re: Gay Marriage advocates continue to wreak havoc...

I can't help but wonder how black people appreciate being compared to homosexuals. Being black is not a sin, homosexuality is. I just don't understand the comparison.

Thanks for sharing this. It is a subject that I do not dedicate enough prayer time to but see that I really need to.

Why has the church let it get this far...


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This women is an inspiration.
A couple of notes.
1. She was on a "public" sidewalk peacefully proclaiming.
Also she has put her faith where many will not. Right out in front for all to see.
I bet there are some here on SI who would see a new blessing by stepping out as this precious elderly saint has done.

I KNOW not all are called to do what she did. However some are call to do more public witnessing but are holding back. Hope you are able to pass through the curtain of fear and enjoy some of the blessings of letting the water flow!
God bless, John

 2008/11/11 6:24

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Latest article: Homosexual activists invade Assemblies of God church during Sunday morning meeting...

[b]Gay rights protesters disrupt Sunday service[/b]
People threw fliers, shouted slogans at Delta Township church
Lansing State Journal
12 Nov 2008

DELTA TWP. - A radical gay rights group is claiming responsibility for a protest Sunday at Mount Hope Church in Delta Township.

Protesters who entered the Creyts Road church along with worshippers surprised the congregation when they stood up during the service, threw fliers at churchgoers and shouted slogans such as "It's OK to be gay," and "Jesus was a homo," according to David Williams, communications director at the church. His father, Dave Williams, is the church's longtime pastor. He was not preaching at the church Sunday.

Another group of protesters demonstrated outside the church at the same time as the indoor protest.

The Eaton County Sheriff's Department responded to the scene Sunday but no arrests were made.

In a released statement, David Williams said churchgoers were unclear as to the purpose of the demonstration.

A Lansing group affiliated with a radical gay organization known as Bash Back, formed to protest the Republican and Democratic national conventions earlier this year, put out a call on the Internet on Oct. 7 for activists to come to a "radical queer convergence" in Lansing on Nov. 7-9.

A posting on its MySpace page declared the convergence a "fierce success."

Fire alarm pulled
According to a report on the Bash Back group's news site, protesters inside the church pulled a fire alarm, unfurled a banner from the church balcony, shouted and threw fliers to the worshippers.

Outside the church, protesters carried picket signs and an upside-down, pink cross.

The conservative RightMichigan Web site posted an account of the incident Monday, and a number of conservative bloggers had picked up on the item by Tuesday.

Williams said the church had received 80 to 85 e-mails and phone calls by Tuesday, "from churches and individuals around the country to express their concern and general disgust for what happened on Sunday."

Nick De Leeuw of RightMichigan said he got his account of the incident from a church member who was there.

However, he said, the photo along with his report - of protesters dressed in black with their faces covered by pink, Middle-Eastern style headcoverings - was not from the protest at the church but from an earlier Bash Back protest elsewhere.

No arrests made
Mount Hope Church, affiliated with the Assemblies of God denomination, teaches followers that homosexuality is a sin.

However, "Mount Hope Church strives to follow Jesus' example of loving the sinner but not the sin," Williams said.

The Eaton County Sheriff's Department got a call regarding the protest at about noon Sunday, said Lt. Jeff Warder.

Warder said protesters outside the church left peacefully when someone from the team of pastors came outside and told them they were not welcome on church property.

Warder said deputies did not handle the protest inside the building.

No arrests were made.

In New York City on Tuesday, the conservative Catholic League said it would ask Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox to investigate the protest.

Typically, the sheriff's investigation would be turned over to the county prosecutor if the sheriff felt charges were warranted, said Matt Frendewey, spokesman for the attorney general's office. He said it would be rare for the attorney general's office to get involved in such a case.

[url=]Click here[/url] to read the full article.


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 Re: Gay Marriage advocates continue to wreak havoc...

[b]Radical homosexuals plan day of 'intolerance'[/b]

Activist homosexual leaders are planning a day of protest this Saturday over losing the traditional marriage battles in three states.

The homosexual movement for special rights has become louder, and in some cases violent, in the aftermath of losses at the ballot box in Florida, Arizona, and California. Florida Family Association notes the increased intensity in rhetoric from the self-proclaimed "champions of tolerance" and diversity. The National Day of Protest's logo is a clenched fighting fist and features phrases such as "Fight the H8" (Fight the Hate) and "Ready to Rumble."

Florida Family Association notes the irony in that the homosexual movement that formerly preached diversity and tolerance has now become increasingly disorderly and aggressive, even intolerant, of supporters of traditional marriage by vandalizing property and staging protests at and inside churches. Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel says the demonstrations ought to be taken seriously, especially this Saturday.

"There have been threats of church burnings. There have been threats of violence, even murder against Christians," he explains. "There has been vandalism already of a number of churches."

According to an alert issued by the Florida Family Association, the "radical gay leaders" have two goals in mind through the upcoming protest: one being to normalize homosexuality in all areas of American society, and the second being to "silence everyone who disagrees with them." The notice adds that the homosexual activists are refusing to accept the final vote as an expression of the will of America's people.

"It really amounts to homo-fascism, and so what we're seeing [is] they don't want to let the democratic process play out," Barber adds. "These people are anti-democracy, clearly."

Florida Family Association also believes the radical homosexual agenda is "unapologetically 'me' centered" and does not feature discussions about what is best for families, children, or the common good of society. Barber points out the Bible's contrasting view. "Scripture says specifically, of people who are trapped in the homosexual lifestyle, ...that they are given over to a reprobate mind," he concludes. (See Romans 1:27-29)

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If the Gays and Atheists did not truly believe there is a God and He sent Christ as our savior, they could not get so upset at a "myth".

If these were anti-abortion activists marching peacefully on a clinic sidewalk they would be accused/arrested for hate crimes.

I am really proud that she has the courage to wade into the midst of these Gays, she is right there with General George Patton.


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