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 John 2:4

After studing, I found that the mainstreem interpretation of this verse is implying the wrong massage.
[b]John 2:4[/b] [color=990000]What is that[/color] [matter, that they have no wine] [color=990000]to Me and to you, woman? My hour[/color] [for wine and being merry] (with wine) [color=990000]has not yet come.[/color]

Most everyone thinks that Jesus is telling His mother that His time for miricals is not yet come, but in reality, His time for miricals has come.
Jesus has already been baptized. He already has some desiples.
If Jesus time for miricals has not yet come, why then would He perform the water into wine mirical?

Why would Mary (His mother) totaly ignore what He just told her; manipulating and impopsing Jesus to do something He should not do in verse 5, if His time for miricals has not come yet?

Fact is, Jesus did not imply that HE wouldn't do anything for the wedding couple, and He did not imply that His time for miricals has not come yet.

Something that I am still trying to figure out is what has turning water into wine to do with "His Father's business(Luke 2:49)?

I am thinking it has somwthing to do with the [b]concept[/b] of Mark 2:19-20

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 Re: John 2:4

Something that I am still trying to figure out is what has turning water into wine to do with "His Father's business(Luke 2:49)?

My brother has done some notes on this. Powerful! This miracle has SO MUCH to do with "His Father's business"!

[b]OT & NT parallels[/b]

Jesus did not tell them to fill the empty winejars but rather to bring Him the special ceremonial cleansing waterpots. And to present these jugs filled with water to the governor of the house. Mind you, the servants did this in faith.

Put yourself in their shoes. What if you were one of the servants and told to take the ceremonial waterspots to the governor of the house during the feast? But the governor ends up discovering the best wine of the feast.

The GOVERNOR declares unto THE BRIDEGROOM, "this is better than the OLD WINE!" The "old wine" is symbolic of the blood of the animals under the old covenant. When they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus said unto Him, "they have no wine."

Are you getting it? This is a feast; what kind of feast is it? And there's a tragedy at the WEDDING FEAST if there is no more WINE for rejoicing!

John 2:4 What is that [matter, that they have no wine] to Me and to you, woman? My hour [for wine and being merry] (with wine) has not yet come.

Jesus has them use the cleansing waterpots and turns that water into wine, or symbolic for the cleansing we receive through the "washing of pure water; which is the Word" and the wine is the blood of the Lamb of God under the new covenant. Which is not only "better than the old wine" (the new covenant is built on better promises) but is the cause for the celebration of the Great Banquet at the end of time, at the marriage feast of the Lamb -- when His time shall come for rejoicing!

[b]In addition:[/b]
The servants acted in faith (v. 7-8)
Mary came to Jesus in faith (v. 3-4)
and the disciples believed on Jesus (v. 11)

We also are saved now by faith and not the works nor cleansings (ie. ceremonial waterpots) of the old coventant -- which could never touch the conscience of the guilty. No amount of water or washings or animal's blood is sufficient to atone for the guilt of man's transgressions and sins. Only the Lamb of God can take away the sins of the world through a new and better covenant based on better promises and secured through Jesus' endless life and intercessions.

In the first miracle of Jesus "[b]He manifested His glory" (v. 11)[/b]. He revealed His purpose for coming in the flesh -- the Father's will. His first miracle clearly portrayed the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Messiah!

These were just a few thoughts from this portion of Scripture that I pray help you to see what flesh and blood cannot reveal.


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A few more things to consider:

What does "the hour" refer to in John 17:1? His death.

What do single people think about at a wedding? Their own wedding. Our Lord would have to be sacrificed on the cross to provide wine for His wedding feast.

Taylor Otwell

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