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 King James Bible Translation History

I read this at a church I visited this morning and typed it into a text on my cell phone:

James I became King of England in 1603, and tried to reconcile the religious factions at the time. The idea behind the King James Version was to create a Bible without any marginal notes or comments. Instead, the translation would be from the original Hebrew and Greek. Forty seven pious and learned scholars laboured for two years to complete the King James Version, also known as the Authorized Version, in 1610. It took another year to print the Bible. The result was an edition of the Word of God that is unrivalled for its simplicity and power of language. It is arguably the finest English translation of the Bible and one of the greatest works of English literature ever produced. No one knows exactly how many First Edition King James Bibles are still in existence, but historians agree that fewer than 200 probably remain intact as bound volumes. Most are owned by museums.

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 Re: King James Bible Translation History

If you want a full account of the 'King James Bible Translation History' I would heartily recommend...
[url=]God's Secretaries[/url] by Adam Nicolson. This book was also published under the title 'The Power and the Glory'. It is a 'must read' for anyone interested in this topic.

Ron Bailey

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