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 Kieth Daniel sermon tapes available in usa

the website is

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 Re: bro.zac poonen & gerald do toit sermon tapes also available in the same address

Charity ministries has many tapes from Bro.Denny Kenneston, Darell Champlain, Zac Poonen, Keith Daniel, Gerald Du Toit,K.P.Yohannan. You do not want to miss any of them.

Their # is 800 227 7902

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Yes thank you for notifying us of this ministry, I have spoken personally to many brothers and sisters that are part of this charity gospel ministries and they are very dear saints. I am trying to make as many Keith Daniel sermons available in mp3 format and also video files. They are totally free on this end and I am sure are less costly then making tapes, so if you have a the ability to produce CD's out of mp3's using SermonIndex is a better option. But if you don't have CD player technology and would like tapes Charity is a great ministry to get the recorings from. Please note that they run totally off the support of God's people as does this ministry.

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