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 Matt's Toe healed

I would like to share a praise item - something I learned yesterday...

Our son-in-law had a severe health problem. In '06 he developed a ganglion tumor on his big toe which is very painful. Now the experts say they don't grow on toes but his toe did not read the books and grew there anyways. He had surgery to remove it and thus was off of work for 4-6 weeks. The doctor thought this should take care of it. However, it came back, and back again. He had it occur five times, had it removed surgically five times. The fifth time he went to Indianapolis to a specialist who consulted other experts in trying to figure out how to deal with this challenge - one that is not supposed to happen. But it came back again this summer. They were at their wits end, and were thinking that now they must contact Mayo Clinic to see if they could help him.

As Matt's were thinking of going to Mayo, an Amish man suggested to him that he try an ointment they love to use, applying to burns and wounds which then heal very rapidly. Matt was desperate, thought he might as well try it - it doesn't cost much - 4 oz. for $7.00. He didn't have any faith in it, having tried so many things with no lasting results. In the meantime, people were praying. This situation was critical and desperate: he is a family man who is the sole provider for his family and being off of work does not pay!

Matt applied this salve and in a matter of time, he noticed a difference. In the beginning he did not believe what he was seeing, felt like it was just imagination, but he persisted. After a while it completely disappeared. Gone. Healed, no pain! He says it was the LORD that healed him; he had no faith in this ointment, but it could well be the LORD used this little insignificant salve to do the work. No thousands of dollars spent for something that did not work. Instead only $3.50!

When he told me my mouth dropped open, then: WOW! Then: Praise the LORD! And my head is still shaking in awe at how God used such a little thing to heal him when the medical establishment was helpless, even after five attempts. One surgeon told him to try anything, just do not do anything stupid. He had given up on him.

(The ointment is called B&W salve, used on man and beast for burns and wounds.)

Little things - I am continually amazed how God uses little insignificant things to do his work. And how important they are in the scheme of obedience and life. Little things. Nothing big, flashy...just little things...WOW! How much credibility do we give to little things? I still stand amazed...


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Matt's Toe healed

Praising the Lord here!


 2008/10/30 16:49

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