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 Obama's US citizenship? and a couple other things.

I have been looking into this trying to figure things out and seperate fact from fiction. It is about a legal case against Obama with supposed claims of proof that he is not a US citizen. Has anyone heard of it? Does anyone have any opinion's or knowledge of it? If you do not know what I am talking about here is what I have researched already.

Obama's Citizenship
-Philip Berg is filing to Supreme court today OCt. 30th
-fraud scientists are saying that Obama's birth certificate is a fraud
-Obama's step father took him to Kenya as a child and he became a citizen and no dual citizen can run for President
-Obama has not released full information on birth
-claim that Obama's grandmother said he was born in Kenya and that she was there and I think I read that Berg has it on video
-claim Obama was born in Kenya because his mother was not allowed to fly from Kenya so late in her pregnancy as today you cannot within a few weeks to a month
-the media is suppressing it just as John Edwards adultery was not released until 8 months into his campaign
-and some other complex things about only one parent being a citizen and having to be a certain amount of years so not eligible and on and on
-this is the actual case complaint from Berg:

Obama's Pastor
-says US made HIV for black people
-Sep. 9/11 conspiracist
-the US is just as bad as the terrorist attacking Palestinians through Israel
-black people are afraid when they hear the word Israel
-Barack was there for 20 years
-the Church gave Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award
-Louis Farrakhan said
Obama is the Messiah
judaism is a gutter religion
hitler was a great man
whites have not yet evolved are not human
-referencing video links:

-not experienced
-done nothing of major mark politically
-is liberal and hollywood endorsed
-jesse jackson an endorser not advisor said
decades of putting Israel's interests first end
-Exmuslim Waleed Shoebat respected Calvary Chapel affiliate said
harvard funded by black panther arabian prince advisor
-links to statements

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 Re: Obama's US citizenship? and a couple other things.

One thing is true, Obama is pro-abortion.

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We try to stay off politics around here... too divisive. It's also in the rules set forth by Greg. Everyone here knows the issues, knows about the candidates... beating a dead horse on this forum wont further the Kingdom any.

...and I love to debate politics. But not here.


 2008/10/30 13:56

 Re: rules

If rules are being broken, like now, then the moderators need to lock threads like this up front. There are thousands of blogs on the internet that entertain this stuff, unfortunately some of them espouse Christ like character as well.

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 Re: Obama's US citizenship? and a couple other things.

KrispyKrittr is correct.

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People, we must pray. We must pray for God to show forth mercy upon the land. When we worry we just bring forth more confusion and unrest. Pray, in the Name of Jesus Christ, pray and believe that our Father, who is covenant keeping God, will show forth mercy and bring healing upon the land, just as He promised that He would do if we would but humble ourselves and pray.

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Thread locked.

Mike Balog

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