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Joined: 2008/10/11
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 Im confused about were i stand before God.

I need prayer (matt). i dont trully know if im saved or not, ive been listening to a lot of keith daniel and when he talks about being born again, its so clear to the individual that they have been born again, and yet, i have no idea, its like i should know if ive been born again, i should have the assurance, but then i dont know if its our adversary the devil or my heart or what. but please pray that God will impress upon my heart, my beat up heart, that i am saved, i dont want to worry about if im going to hell or not, if im truly a disciple. ah. this is so hard.

thannnnkkkk you.

 2008/10/20 19:42Profile

 Re: Im confused about were i stand before God.

Praying, here is a good site that may help you some:

Be careful though that you do not have a spirit of unbelief. Here's a good sermon by David Wilkerson:

[url=]Casting Down Unbelief[/url]

It's the eighth one down.

 2008/10/20 20:04

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Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: Im confused about were i stand before God.

[i]And this is His commandment, that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as He gave us commandment. And he who keeps His commandment dwells in Him, and He in him. And by this we know that He abides in us, by the Spirit which He gave to us.[/i]
(1 John 3:23-24)

[i]The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God.[/i]
(Romans 8:16)

You can know you have received the Holy Ghost by two things, there will be the fruit of the Spirit evident in your life(love for God and man) and there will be an inward personal testimony of a clear conscience, heavenly peace and joy. By His power He works; by His light he makes both Himself and His work known.

[i]The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit."[/i]
(John 3:8)

Ron Halverson

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Joined: 2007/6/27
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Omaha, NE

 Re: Im confused about were i stand before God.

If you have given your heart and life to Christ
and made Him Lord; He will keep you. You have
the assurance of His promises!! God keeps His
Word. You stand by the grace of God for Christ
and in Christ. He will give you the strength
to do so.

Martin G. Smith

 2008/10/20 20:29Profile

 Re: Im confused about were i stand before God.


You probably already know this, but the Apostle Peter said its good to repeat things so...

Our standing before God has nothing to do with us. If we keep looking internally for something that God can be pleased with we will never know where we stand with God.

Jesus Christ is the only man that ever pleased God. He lived a perfectly obedient life. He is the only One that God accepts before His throne. He gave His life as a sacrifice to satisfy God's wrath against sin. And He rose from the dead, proving He was God and showing His power of death, hell and the grave.

He is your salvation. He is your standing with God. Look unto Jesus the Author and the finisher of your faith. His righteousness causes God to smile upon you. Fall upon Him. Confess His death and resurection in prayer, in church, in the car, in the park...wherever. Believe on Him and you shall be saved.

 2008/10/20 21:32

Joined: 2005/2/24
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There is good encouragement here in this thread. SI really is a place of kind hearted fellowship.

I would also add that some doubt they have received the light of God's grace, because they have seen more of who they really are in that very same light.

"The only thing that you bring to your salvation is the sin that makes it necessary." Jonathan Edwards

Mike Compton

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Joined: 2008/10/11
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 Re: Im confused about were i stand before God.

wow. thank you guys so much for all the encouragement and council. im searching all this out.

you know, i dont know, i guess i got a long journey ahead. i know tho, i need to seek God with all my heart, im finding it so hard to KNOW whats my whole heart.

lol. its like im riddled with problems and questions. i think im just venting, but, a fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards. pro. 29:11

and i think that video by david wilkerson will adress some of that. so yea. thaaaaaank you guys.

and i read the rules about the praying, about if i post a prayer, that i should pray for 4 ppl. thats pretty cool. this place, this site, is a blessing.

 2008/10/20 23:45Profile

Joined: 2007/9/13
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MattC wrote:

this place, this site, is a blessing.

Yes it is brother. Thank you for coming on board. Your presence is a blessing to us all.

My suggestion to you is to keep praying, keep reading, keep listening and keep learning. Sooner or later you will realize that if you keep messing around with Jesus, your gonna get saved, or you will come to realize that you already are. Either way brother, I'm praying :-)

Blessings brother, and may the Lord be glorified and His light shine through you.


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These 2 sermons by Paul Washer should help some (there are overlapping in some areas).

How do I know if I'm saved

we have forgotten the way is narrow


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Joined: 2008/10/11
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hey Miccah,thank you very much for your kind words, it really touches my heart. again thank you all for your encouragement, council, prayer, time and video selections.

honestly im doing better, idk what it is or was, i think it was plain and simple unbelief, not that its simple, lol. although in a sense it is. i need to study more.


Thank You God for Thy faithfulness! And Thy abundant mercies.

 2008/10/23 3:38Profile

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