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 Video: The Official vs. the Underground Church in China


Tonight, my wife and I have been watching a program on PBS's FRONTLINE program entitled [i]Jesus in China: Is Christianity Transforming China?[/i]

This was an extremely interesting documentary about the underground Church as contrasted with the "official" state Church in China. It showed actual video footage of the underground Church -- including the places that they have met over the past decade (including caves). It was extremely interesting.

The video shows the persecution of the underground Church -- and how the Communist government is trying to control the true Church while supposedly offering more freedom. The documentary showed how pastors face arrest for preaching -- sometimes in the middle of their sermon!

What made it even more interesting is the fact that FRONTLINE tends to offer a skewed, one-sided and very liberal view on such matters.

Anyway, [url=] CLICK HERE [/url]to view the video and accompanying information.


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 Re: Video: The Official vs. the Underground Church in China

thanks, great video......

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