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 Norman Grubb and some Romans meat

Hello all,
I have found another great article that is chalked full of meat. It is by Norman Grubb, he teaches out of Romans about how we are a new creation in Christ.

it speaks on such things as human efforts and how we only can have one of two natures Satans or Christ. The following is an excerpt from article:

"Now I can see what Paul had already revealed in it completeness in Romans 6:1-13, and which had become his own liberation. Yes, thank God, there is deliverance for me now by the personal application in my desperate need of what I had accepted in my head and reckoned on as told to do (Rom 6:11). But while I remained ignorant of there never having been such a thing as human self-effort or human independence, I had not realized that all my own efforts to live a victorious life were really Satan expressing himself as me. And I had not realized that until I had made such a failure of attempts to live it. Only then was I ready to see that the only way to live the life is if Christ live my life as me, in place of that self-effort which was really Satan -- "good" or bad."

anyways here is the link's%20Key%20to%20the%20Liberated%20Life.htm

andrew james

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 Re: Norman Grubb and some Romans meat

Thanks Andrew...

My, this is one large steak!
Too much to try and devour in one sitting...
And that is not pertaing to the length or make that 'size' of this cut, but to the weight.

A very different look at Romans 6 through 8 than I have seen before, much to digest here. Would love to hear others thoughts on this..after dinner of course.

Mike Balog

 2004/7/15 11:20Profile

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