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KrispyKrittr wrote:
It's interesting that the secular pundits and talking heads are completely negative about our economic condition, most of whom are in the tank for one particular candidate... and it serves this candidate well for the economy to be bad until election day.

Yet there is one economic expert who is very positive about the future of the stock market and our economy in general... and that is Dave Ramsey, who is a born again Christian.

I just find this observation to be interesting... secular (godless) talking heads who want someone in particular to be elected are negative about our future... yet Christian economic expert is very positive about it...

Who has an agenda to push? Who has an interest in seeing things be bad right now?

Whats ruining our economy at this point is consumer confidence. Consumer confidence is influenced by the secular (godless) media. The secular (godless) media has shown they have an agenda...

Dont get fooled by all of this...


Well I believe it's a conspiracy, satan being the great conspirator of all but we won't go there on this forum because I know that's not allowed. Yes, I do believe the economy is not bad [b]but it is bad in the hands of those in charge of it right now, satan being chief but that's the judgement of God on a Godless nation.[/b]

 2008/10/6 16:39

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