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Hi Robert, my fellow Scotsman but more importantly, my brother in Christ. I appreciate your passion and I am sympathetic to much of what you wrote. I was replying to a question from sister Joan about what was going on in Scotland. I am as aware as anyone as the state of Christianity in Scotland. And even the churches that are "alive," may have went down a wrong path, but they are still our brothers and the way to bring them back online is to hammer home the message of Jesus, Calvary, and Him crucified. If you just read my "An Evil and Adulterous generation," you will know that I do not dwell in the camp of those who run after miracles or those who will not share the Gospel.Yet consider this brother, if the Lord rebukes Jonah for his attitude towards the Ninevites, and they an ungodly city, should not out attitude to those erring brothers be one of lovingly restoring them. Now this can be done by powerfully sharing the truth, but it must be done in love.

The Christians of Greenock, "no mean city," as you probably know, are about to hear, through the conference that is coming in Novemeber, the solid truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The speakers that are coming will be talking about repentance, Calvary, death to self and so on. Many of the hearers will be people who participate in the "healing," rooms. And some are participating in the street pastors organization. Have faith brother, God will speak. Can I just add, that anyone, despite their motives, who goes out after dark in Greenock is to be commended. I love you brother and I am with you in your desire to see genuine , Biblical revival sweep through our nations, I further agree that these movements that we speak of are not that. Yet, it is coming. And when my passionate Scottish brothers and sisters get a hold of the mighty truths of Calvary, when their eyes are once again turned to our Lord Jesus and His shed blood, when they decide to pick up their cross and follow Him all the way to Calvary and beyond, there will be no stopping them. And the blood that will run in the streets of Scotland will not be the blood shed by violence, but will be the Blood of Jesus Christ bringing healing to every place that it Frank

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Murrcolr: I have paid attention to the ways of God in His Word and in lives. Here is one thing I have seen. It encourages me. God puts people in specific places. Those street preaches, who may not know God, may be asleep or intimidated, when God comes in Revival, when they meet Him, they will be where? In perfect places. I am not saying what God will do. I do not know. But it’s a bit like looking at the roads, already built, at the time of Christ. Revival in the Church will touch them because they are there in the Church. I am really just praying. I love you brother. We could meet on the streets in Revival.

I know in America what it means to call what a Christian does a “ministry of presence.” Like with all of us, there is Truth and the hidden things of the heart. But no one escapes in revival. Duncan Campbell did not.

About the alcohol: America is asleep in new cars, TV and cell phones (stuff), groggy with fast food. I do think Scotland is different (still the same in the root). In revival it will be “Coming soon to a pub near you.”

It must be very hard, frustrating, anger tempting to have a great heart for God and live in Scotland. We know a bit that here in America. I met hating the enemy of God during Lakeland when I saw a man from Scotland come to take that delusion back. For a second it was like I wanted a gun. Or a massive wall of fire separaing Lakeland from Scotland, and England too. But it was love for the little ones that lead in prayer. I know we all pray differently as he leads. Oh that we may give Glory to God on the streets where you live.


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 Re:Who can resist God when He comes?

Glory Halleluiah! [i]... there will be no stopping them. And the blood that will run in the streets of Scotland will not be the blood shed by violence, but will be the Blood of Jesus Christ bringing healing to every place that it touches...[/i]

And Life....Yes and Amen. Do as thou hast said, Father (Psm 119:126)

PS. [u]Both you Sons of Scotland seem to Know there will be no stopping[/u]...I don't hear this in America. This must be in the heart of God over there.

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I would quote to you the saintly Finney: “Away with your milk and water
preaching of the love of Christ that has no holiness or moral discrimination in it, away with the preaching of Christ not crucified for sin.” On this very truth a highlander minister stated once: “Bring me a God of all mercy but no just, bring me a God of all love but not righteous, and I will have no scruples in calling Him an idiot of your imagination.” Alas, the American Church has embraced such a “idiot” conception of God. Is that hard to hear? It will sound much harder to hear the words from the
judgement bar of God: “depart from me, I never knew you.” We are afraid to disturb people these days, we are afraid to preach against sin, we sit in church and are not moved.

Taken from the Sermon Index news letter Why the church is failing in America

You can use these statement above for churches worldwide.

These street pastors are not preaching the Gospel they work closely with the authorites and those same authorites will limit what they can and cannot do. Look at there web site do you see any testimonies of people getting convicted of sin.

Please don't think they are preaching they are not. They are not street preachers. The authorties would not allow them to do it.

Don't be so stupid to stand up for some wish, washy, watered down thing that would like to call itself the gospel.

The church is not asleep, the church is not at ease, the church is not sick. THE CHURCH IS DEAD can't you hear Gods Voice. THE CHURCH IS DEAD.

How can that be you may ask? The Church is dead because of sin, where not Holy, we have a form of Holiness but we no have power because of sin. We must get victory in our lives over sin that was why Jesus died on the cross to deal with Sin and death that had enter into this world. We are born sinners and we must accpet the full benefits of what Jesus did on the cross and become Holy and we must pay the price whatever that may be so we can become pure as Men and Women can be or we will keep on living defeated lives calling it Christianity.

But in the middle of this mess we are in Gods got a plan, GOD WILL HAVE A PEOPLE who will stand and preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to a lost and dying generation.

A People of Victory prepared for Christ return.
They'll be victorious over the beast, they'll be victourious over the image, they'll be victorious over the number.

There will be no stopping them many will die many will be persucted and punished but they will be Victorious.

Colin Murray

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