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 Godly Music?????

It seems that on this forum, many people are listners to Godly music and against contemporary worship.

From what I've seen so far, Godly music is supposed to be slow and sweet and "godly."

Contemporary Christian music is wordly because it has "rock n roll" beats.

I saw a post down here how David Wilkerson even said how the rock n roll wordly music has penetrated through to Christian music and has turned it demonic.

I dunno, but I'm quite angered by the judgement by mere appearances and here's what I mean.

Before I met Jesus and wepted at his feet not because of my sins, but because of my sin, I realized how those boring hymns had so much in them; they were talking about the very thing that was burning in my heart; they new how I felt; I was amazed at how they were describing the very things that I so wanted to tell my Jesus.
"The love of God so great and pure, so measureless and strong, it shall forever more endure the saints and angels song" I wept dozens of times singing this song because Jesus had come and met me and loved me despite the man of sin that I was.

But then the song,
"Over the mountains and the sea,
your river flows with love for me,
and I will open up my heart and let the healer set me free.
I could sing of your love forever"
This song had me weeping with thankfulness as well..

But as I past through many convservtive churches I saw many all reserved and holy, yet they did not fully know what the words meant; they were not singing with their spirits (worship in in spiri and in truth). It was a daily routine song. Full of the appearance of Godliness but without it's power.

Then I would go to these evangelical chruches or crusades and they would be full of rock n roll music, but the people were dancing up and down not because of Jesus, but because of the music.

I must admit, that much of Christian music is now just dancing up and down, let get it down, were grooving kind of music. But some of it is truly Spirit inspired.

Haven't you jumped up and down singing a lively song, and it wasn't because of music (cause I never jump up and down listening to music) but because of what Jesus has done to you? The salvation and love that he gave you. And you're not just jumping, your jumping like as high as you can and you feel like your hearts going to burst with joy. Sometimes you're crying as well because you know he loves you.. and that truth really sets you free to dance before Jesus as David.

What I'm trying to say is this.
Music is not holy because it is slow and hymny.
It is not demonic because it has lights falshing and smoke rising up and people are dancing and the song is fast(although when I see all those lights and smoke, I think, did they really need to relly on things like that instead of the Holy Spirit? Why won't they trust the Holy Spirit to lead instead of those fancy lights at Hillsong?)
Music is true worship when one can worship without the worship.
You don't even have to sing. You know your worshiping the Lord, and you love Him, He loves you. And your filled with thankfulness, tears, love, joy. ANd so on.
Even in prayer.. You don't have to say a word but you can be worshiping Him in spirit.

It's not the outside (the music itself) but the inside (your heart's sincerity in worshiping him) that counts.

Now for the falshy lights and smoke rising up..
I'm disgusted by it, but only because I don't feel the Holy Spirit, and man is trying to do what the Holy Spirit is supposed to do; because they're relying on their flesh instead of Jesus.
It's a trust issue.
If a man prayed and knew the Holy SPirit was going to lead, I don't know why he would use all those lights and smoke, but even if it did, it woudln't matter cause the worship would be in spirit.

A man should be able to worship with both hymns and fast "rock n roll" songs. Cause it's the truth of your signing that counts.

So why is it that many here prefer "godly music?"
I'm asking because maybe it is just religiosness.. Like wanting to appear holy on the outside. I live in Korea and there are too many people who appear holy on Sundays. You can feel the hippocrosy. My heart wants to burst and cry out. I just want to leave the place... The people with all these loving faces, the singing so good and pure with the quire.. but without truth...
Spirit and in truth..
They pretend as if everything is all right in their lives.
That's what truth part means.
Admitting yourself.
Coming to Jesus as that person who lied..
Or that person who saw porn..
Or that person that has relatioship problems and has screamed at his children and at his wife.

But we do not admit and come to Jesus with a pretense of Holiness.. without truth..
Not just as I am, but just as I should me..
That makes the singing so insincere..
Oh... so repulsive.
I want to be like Isaih too.. and scream!! to them and flip everything over...
Just religiousness...

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 Re: Godly Music?????

Interesting piece...mind if I make an observation or ask a question?

Why is your strongest criticism directed towards those who exhibit "religiousness" then towards those use music which is used predominantly by the enemy to draw people to lust/sin? And use this music with religious lyrics? or did I misunderstand you?


Sandra Miller

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here is a sermon on [url=]Godly music[/url].

its the best ive heard on this topic


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 Re: Godly Music?????

The Love of God* is a very old hymn by Frederick
Lehman. One of my favorites. Many
"contemporary" artists beg and borrow from the
classics by Watts, and Wesley, and others.
There is a real difference between sacred music
and hymns that exalt Christ and proclaim the
truth of His Holy Word and love songs to Jesus!!

Martin G. Smith

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ginnyrose wrote

Interesting piece...mind if I make an observation or ask a question?

Why is your strongest criticism directed towards those who exhibit "religiousness" then towards those use music which is used predominantly by the enemy to draw people to lust/sin? And use this music with religious lyrics? or did I misunderstand you?

Thank you for you gentle spirited question.
From my writing it does seem that my criticism is directed more toward the "religious" people.
But my key point is that godly music nor contemporary worship by itself is correct or good by it's genre, unless they are both sung with spirit and in truth.

Actually, as I'm writing, I think that both the relious folks and the "rock n roll" folks may fall in to the same problem of not knowing Jesus.
Bringing true glory and true worship from the heart starts with the utter amazement of His salvation toward yourself. I dunno how that sounds, but it starts with this saying of "Oh!! Jesus. You have saved me! You have made yourself known to me. You have poured such great love to me! I am nothing. I am a sinner! I have no power. I cannot believe that you would choose me to be your son." And praise and worship lifts from your soul toward Jesus.
It needs to have a similar realization as Peter when he said "I'm a sinner, leave me Jesus" and Jesus tells him to "follow me." That thankfulness that Jesus has called me. Or that sinful woman who broke her alabaster jar weeping because of her sins..
washing the dirty feet of Jesus with her hair...
Wanting to be forgiven..
but not being able to say a word.
Just knowing that this man in front of her is beyond her..
That she is a sinner..
And Jesus says, "your sins are forgiven for you loved much."
Oh! What freedom!! What love!!
Praise his name!!

So it all starts from the Cross.
When you know the cross.. You start to worship him with your spirit.

But the problem today seems to be that people don't know what that sinful lady felt. They haven't gone to Jesus with utter brokeness of themselves to receive the full salvation of Christ. Saying "I'm a sinner" was a lip service, and going to church is a daily routine. A lot of preachers here talk about it and I'm very greatful for that. BUt today, many preacher think it better not preach"if you want to be my disciple, go take up the cross and deny yourself, and come follow me"
or "Whoever loves his husband, wife, sister, brother, son, or daughter more than me is not worthy of me" Cause if you do preach it, then they all would not be worthy and they'd not like it.
Maybe I'm being a bit carried away, but the problem is.. That people haven't met Jesus.. They may know God, which even the Muslims claim they know, but don't know Jesus. Everybody talks about God.. But what about Jesus? We don't know about Jesus because we haven't met Him.

That's the God of the Western Civilization. I have a lot of American friends, and they all are missionary kids, and they all talk about God..
But God never seems to be their everything. They go to work, get married and rely on God to provide.. The focus is on their life, not on his will. They never think about giving their lives to Jesus. They expect God to hear what's on their heart, but seldom go to Jesus to see what's on his heart..

No offence to any Americans intended. Just what a tragedy that it has become a routine. It's a tragedy that not many intend to go to the world where the gospel hasn't been preached.
"Lord I'll go anywhere, but not in India. 40 missionaries died in India last week. Anywhere but there.."
IF he gave us his all, should we not give him our all?
If he has given us his heart, should we not give our hearts?
Not in the religious kind of way, being dragged by the nose.. NOt wanting to give my all, but knowing it's the right thing so giving it anyway.. No, but a giving of himself because he knows that earning Jesus is the best gift that he could possibly have. To run toward that goal that Paul talked about..

As if missions was some special thing that only some people are called to.. no.. We're all called to expand the Kingdom of God. "Be fruitful and multiply and subdue the Earth"
"Go to the ends of the world and preach the gospel of repentance"

So Jesus and his Kingdom...
It seems that many forget it's about Jesus.. "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.."

About a week ago as I was worshiping Jesus for him being what he is, that is "Jesus," I felt a great anguish in my heart. I started to weep and it was because I felt that in his heart Jesus wanted believers who worshiped him in spirit and in truth.. spirit and truth..
But so few people in universities.. in work places.. everywhere you go.. just so few people who worship God with a sacrifice of a broken heart and a heart that's thankful for being clensed from his sin.. So few who come truthfully to Him just as they are without a pretense of Holyness... without that Adam clothes made from leaves..
It's only when you go naked before JEsus that you he gives you the leather coat as in Genesis 3. The leather coat meaning that an animal had to be killed. An animal being killed meaning the sacrifice of Jesus and his blood...

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Dear Brother,

What a wonderful and straight from the heart post.

This outcry over the condition of the Lord's people and their lack of knowledge that the cross represents our death and not just a sentimental firgure.

The majority of the saints really do not know Jesus nor experienced His sufferings.

The great falling away is in progress and we must ask that we be lights so that many will be pulled from the deception of it.

This is why this ungodly music is presented before Him without any thought it might be strange fire. When we say that we love Him, why do we present such unpure offerings? You can't bear the thought of offending someone you know and love.

Please continue to seek Him in the manner you are. Jesus does love these people and we must be the lights they so need to see.



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 Re: Godly Music?????

From what I've seen so far, Godly music is supposed to be slow and sweet and "godly."

Is this a Biblical standard? If so... scripture reference please?

Or is this what people say is godly?


 2008/9/26 10:26

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Hey all,
I recently had an assignment in school on "what makes music christian?" I pretty much botched the essay by trying to butter it up with high-fallutin theology and big words. My, my what a stench...

Anyway, the original post in this thread was exactly that which I was trying to say. My argument in the essay I wrote was that nothing makes music christian except the individuals invovlved. The sound that pleases God comes from off His altar, not the noise that surrounds it. Can anyone agree with this, or am I looking at it in with a wrong view?


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