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 Total lack of discernment and wisdom!

This happened at a "Christian" Club. As many of you know, I dont have as much of a problem with Christian rock as some do. Thats ok, we'll agree to disagree... but in the following instances we can ALL agree that so-called "Christian" clubs owners are naive and lack any sort of discernment or wisdom.

Lead singer Joshua Wilkes of The Legendary Shack Shakers exposed himself before a crowd of hundreds of people at the [b]Rocketown Center[/b] in Nashville in July (“Police: Singer Exposed Self at Christian Club,” Channel 5 News, July 2, 2008).

This “Christian” entertainment center has an indoor skatepark, a coffee bar, and three stages. Rocketown representatives considered the act a serious offense. Shack Shakers’ songs include [i]“All My Life to Kill,” Cussin’ in Tongues,” “Where’s the Devil When You Need Him,”[/i] and [i]“Bible Cyst.”[/i]

Secular rockers live filthy lives and mock biblical morality and truth, so why should it be surprising that they would act in this fashion? Wilkes is just being true to his rock & roll religion.

The so-called “Christians” who operate and frequent Rocketown, on the other hand, are walking in disobedience to the religion they claim to revere as found in Scripture. There we are taught to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” (Ephesians 5:11), but they think having a good time is more important than obeying some obscure Bible verse.

A similar thing happened at a rock & roll theater named Paradox operated by Mars Hills Church in Seattle. At one concert, a Japanese punk band performed naked. The church didn’t approve, but what should you expect? Mars Hill also hosts a secular jazz festival, proving to the really cool Seattlites that they can be really cool, too.


 2008/9/19 9:26

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 Re: Total lack of discernment and wisdom!

This is angering.


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What a blot on the name of Christ!


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Here's the story:

 2008/9/19 15:16


There is nothing christian about this group at all. Hopefully they will learn their lesson for allowing a band like this to play for them :

"...The Legendary Shack Shakers' hell-for-leather roadshow has earned quite a name for itself with its unique brand of Southern Gothic that is all-at-once irreverent, revisionist, dangerous, and fun. Led by their wildly charismatic, rail-thin frontman/blues-harpist, J.D. Wilkes, the Shack Shakers are a four-man wrecking crew from the South whose explosive interpretations of the blues, punk, rock and country have made fans, critics and legions of potential converts into true believers. ...."

 2008/9/19 15:25

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