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 Just thinking

I believe that this presidential election will hold major changes for this country (America). I believe McCain will win, however much like the reign of Ishbosheth was cut short I believe that McCain's will also be cut short (I don't believe there will be any foul play). I believe that there will be major riots in some major cities across the land after the election as the dems pump the media with inflamatory remarks, the underlying racial tension in this country coming back to the forefront.
Palin will be the first woman as president. I believe that in those days North Korea will trouble the US directly and there will be a major disaster on the west coast. These factors will occupy the US attention while Russia will move south in a land grab, feeling confident of its covenant with Iran and Syria, this could spark trouble with Israel and may include China. The US will not be able to address Russia this time around because of its own troubles with North Korea and "the increasing" troubles at home with the Land trying to vomit us(americans') out because of having turned away from the "Living and true God" Jesus Christ.


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