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Hemel Hempstead

 Giving up Non Christian Music and Films

In a world which is shadowed by a world in which most people spend sitting at a movie theatre or watching television.
Is the cost of giving up something like Non christian music so great or anything.
Do we live in a christian world that is dogged in unreality which gets it gadge of reality by TV shows or the newspapers.
how much of our age and christians that are biblically illiturate, I am not saying people on this site.
The christian world music is hillsong and other things to keep a reality of Jesus whilst keeping things of the World!
A agenda not to change anything in which the church functions.
How many people spend time outside! with Creation.
Are we thankful for Gods creation?
If we wer to question you say on subjects, how would your bible knowledge compare to say other subjects? Would you know more say about friends or a tv series than the bible.
Does god have to wake us up to how he sees things?

Dominic Shiells

 2008/9/3 7:49Profile

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 Re: Giving up Non Christian Music and Films

I think you are on to something, i think 90% of what i have encountered in my walk with the Lord has nothing to do really, with Jesus or the christian life, most is entertainment dressed up as Christian. It may not be evil or bad or sinful, but it takes our eyes of what is the eternal best for our souls.

90% of all christian movies and music is crap and not worthy to listen to or watch. So easy it is to watch a christian film for two hours, how our legs drag to the two hour prayermeeting with some fellow believers.

May God help me get my priorities right for the kingdom and His Glory


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Nottingham, England

 Re: Giving up Non Christian Music and Films

1 Tim 6v8, 'And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content.

Real sacrifice for the Christian is giving of our finances, Matt 6v1-4, and also fasting, Matt 6v16-18.

Giving up secular entertainment is not a sacrifice, because it is not need.

Many 'Christians' are discontent with what they have, and what they are, because they feel as though they are 'missing out'.

We try to straddle the world and the Church, but God does not compromise His word.

Either we take it or leave it.

To leave God means death.

 2008/9/3 8:27Profile

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Omaha, NE

 Re: Giving up Non Christian Music and Films

Is it edifying ?? Is it inspirational ??
Is it truthful ?? Would Jesus listen to
or watch this with you ??

Martin G. Smith

 2008/9/3 10:34Profile


Actually I've seen some pretty decent Christian movies lately. "Second Chances" was pretty good. "Flywheel" had a great story even tho the production was obviously lower budget.

"Facing The Giants" is fantastic.

As far as Christian music is concerned, too many Christians who think themselves super-spiritual tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to music. I'll agree that it seems most Christian music is about $$. No argument there. But there are many artists that really do have something worth saying and listening to.

It's really quite silly to take the entire thing, declare it worldly, and then condemn it all. Thats not being intellectually OR spiritually honest. It's called being judgemental.

I find with music or movies you have to take each one individually and examine it in the light of scripture... just like [b]sojourner7[/b] said. A lot of the music Petra put out was incredibly edifying, inspirational and truthful... and yes, I believe Jesus would listen to it.

I also believe a lot of Christian music today is about the artist first and foremost. That is a problem. A BIG problem. We must [b]discern[/b]... not judge it all as evil and get puffed up about how spiritual we think we are.

I'm more concerned about Christians who are living wordly. I went to a wedding this weekend attended by a lot of people from a prominent, very large Southern Baptist Church here in the Asheville NC area. The couple getting married attend there and claim to be born again, and most of the people in attendance claim the be born again. I know a lot of them.

Most everyone here knows I do not share the view that moderate alcohol consumption is a sin. You wont find that anywhere in scripture. However, at this wedding there was more wine and beer than you could shake a stick at, and it was "open bar". They went thru 2 1/2 kegs. Thats rediculous especially considering there were only about 200 people there.

This is the type of thing I am concerned about. Not whether Christian music is ok. I'm more concerned with how people are living. There was NO Christian music being played at the reception either. It was all secular music... some of it very sexual... like "Wild Thing" by Ton Loc.

We left early.

There was no difference between this wedding and other non-Christian weddings we've been to. None what-so-ever. Same secular music, same drinking, same sexual dancing, etc.

By the way, for those quick to condemn Christian music as a whole... I think it says something that all this was going on... and the bride & groom recognized that Christian music would have been out of place there. I think that says something positive about Christian music.

This is the state of the church. No wonder revival isnt happening. The church is too busy partying.

By the way, altho the wedding was not held at that big church and was not officiated by any of the staff of that big church (mainly because the bride and groom couldnt afford the facility rental and cost of their own pastors)... I think what I witnessed at that reception speaks quite loudly about that church.


 2008/9/3 14:31

Joined: 2006/1/31
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 Re: Giving up Non Christian Music and Films

i think we need to look at the money issue, if a group or a film maker do a movie or a record and sells it in the name of Jesus it is wrong. It is the same thing as a pastor would charge a fee for entering the church to listen to his sermons.

And yet so many use the name of Jesus to earn a living, it is Babylon. I dont care if it is "rock" or "hip hop" or calm music.

Money makers in the name of Jesus is Babylon.

There are a few who was called by God and gives their music for free, and i guess movies too. That was not made with the goal set on profit.

It bugs me people can pay entrance fees to see a group play, it is sad the "poor" who cant afford the fee can not enjoy the worship and praise.

it is a deception.

[i]...freely ye have received, freely give... [/i]


 2008/9/3 15:13Profile


I disagree with that thinking. Yes, God has called a few to it for free. But He perhaps has not called all.

I heard one artist say once something to the effect of "I will go and preach anywhere for free... not charge a dime. But music is my craft, its what I do... it's how I feed my family."

I'm a structural engineer. I dont design churches for free, I can tell you that. Should I just because they need a building and I'm a Christian? No.

Sad to say, but I've been ripped off and cheated more by churches than I have anyone else I've done business with. I've even had churches ask me if I could give them a discount since I'm a Christian. The answer is always "no".

Thats not a sin. It's called feeding my family. because someone has musical talent we expect them to give it away for free? Why? I have talent... just not musical. But there's something magical about music that Christians think it should be given to them for free?


 2008/9/3 16:34

Joined: 2008/5/21
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Las Vegas, NV

 Re: free Christianity

I hear what you are saying Krispy, and it is true.

Yet, there is something different about Christian ministry. So I guess it depends on whether you consider the music or, even, structural engineering to be a ministry.

On one hand, we have musical talents or business men or various specializations that we may consider to be ministries of help. And yet, there is still the balance of a laborer being worthy of his wages.

Personally, in my opinion, if it is a ministry of the Lord it ought to be free. That being those ministries listed in Corinthians, as those ministries are of the Holy Spirit. How can we put a price on the work of the Holy Spirit?

"What's that? O, you would like the Holy Spirit to minister a revival in your church? Ah, yes, we have several payment packages for that! The Premium package comes with a double portion!"

It is indeed a delicate balance between meeting the daily needs of the minister (and family) and ministering unto the Lord (and His family).


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It bugs me people can pay entrance fees to see a group play, it is sad the "poor" who cant afford the fee can not enjoy the worship and praise.

Maybe this is a blessing. Could it be that this is one of the ways that the sheep are divided from the goats? For the rich man, trusting in his riches, can not enjoy the things that are free - for he perceives them to be of little or no value. And a greedy man will not offer his services for free for to him this would be foolishness.

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 Re: Giving up Non Christian Music and Films

the architect are not taking money for something that is [i]needed[/i] to build the body of Christ. a church building is good if you can have one but not a must. Worship and praise are.

I can not find one single occasion where Jesus sold his preaching, healing or any part of His ministry, or His talents he has received from God, I do think he got payed as a carpenter but not selling that what is Gods. Many have filled their pockets in Jesus name and they will have to pay back.

Jesus did not sell his ministry and we should not. We see the result of this thinking clearly in modern Christianity, where money becomes a central part.


 2008/9/3 23:12Profile

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