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 Full Quiver discussion

Anyone out there seeking to fill up their quiver? What caused you to have a full quiver mindset? How many children do you have and what is the age span?

My bride and I have nine (two more are with the Father), from age 14 to two months. Six boys and three girls. We aren't worthy to be so blessed. Children are a gift and blessing.

Caleb Elias 14
Christian Silas 11
Gabriel Adoniyah 9
Charity Ruth 8
Malachi ben Avraham 6
Hosanna Naomi 4
Noah Eleazar Benayahu 3
Faithful Yael 1+
Nathan Watchman 2 months

Dennis Green

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 Re: Full Quiver discussion

God hasn't yet made clear to me whether or not it is best that I marry, but I'm already convinced of the great blessedness of having children (not that it's anywhere near easy, of course), and many of them. If I marry, I mean to have as many children as the Lord will bless me with (not that the Mrs. wouldn't have any say in the matter, I'd never force something like that on anyone, but I would only marry someone of like mind in this matter).

The passage being alluded to, in case anyone hasn't read it recently:

Psalm 127
3 Lo, children are a heritage of the LORD, and the fruit of the womb is His reward.
4 As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are the children of the youth.
5 Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them; they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies at the gate.

edit: and those are beautiful names, and I'm sure beautiful children :)

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Arizona, USA

 Re: Full Quiver discussion

Dear Denny and his Bride,

Yes indeed, that is a nice-sounding bunch you have there! May the LORD keep adding to your number!!

We have 9 living children also, ages 6 to 21, and 5 more with the Lord. Now that I'm in menopause, I am SO GLAD we did not hinder God in this respect. I can walk freely and delighted in the LORD today, glad that He gave us just the children He wished us to have. No more and no less. I am a free woman and glad to have served my KING in giving birth these many times!! Praise His Name, He makes it all wonderfully DO-able.

However!! We have not been the parents He wanted us to be, that is clear. We have failed miserably. Yet, we are being humbled and changed, by these very failings.

It's not been smooth sailing for us... even with a sheltered home life, homeschooling, home church, modesty in all things... we are facing problems we did not anticipate. We got too isolated for too long, that's one thing we see now. Children of big families may need other adults, other godly youth to bounce things off of. That's what I'm hearing as we 'compare notes' with other large homeschooling families.

Some of us are struggling deeply with those first-borns and seeing where joining ranks far sooner, in a church body or loving para-church group, would have helped all of them (all of us parents too!) to function better.

If a child is distant emotionally, or there is a period of uncommunication or conflict, sometimes just one other adult or young person can help keep that child's heart firmly at-home with Dad and Mom. Some large families have allowed their older ones to live with another family, for a season, if they are not doing well at home. (Much caution here -- it can backfire and turn a troubled child completely away from his parents! We've experienced this and so have some others.)

In a large family, especially of first-generation Christians from abusive backgrounds, emotional neglect and abuse can happen without realizing it.

If Dad and Mom are experiencing marriage problems of any kind, the children will play those out in triplicate. Marriages must be very strong, with lots of security and love and open communication. I cannot stress this enough.

If Dad and Mom can't find a group of other Christians to fellowship with in the community, the children may (rightly?) think 'there's something wrong with Dad and Mom'. If they see you being active in your faith, loving the brethren and helping the needy, they will follow you into a healthy, active faith. Consider moving if you can't find what you need, fellowship-wise, where you live.

If you are a hypocrite, the king (or queen) of your domain, with your family bowing down to YOU instead of to the LORD, their actions will reveal that, too. Which is a GIANT wake-up call to some of us who thought we were (ahem) perfect. :roll:

The flip-side of allowing God to plan your family size is, of course, Preventing Conception, a.k.a. Birth Control Devices of Some Form or Other. Birth control seems to go against everything God says those body parts are for. We could not, in good conscience, blaspheme God's design in that way. Just for the sake of convenience. (CONVENIENCE, not money or things, is the true American God. How much we do, and buy, and spend time on, 'for the sake of convenience'. We bow down to this god daily. Even in our bedrooms.)

Books on this topic:

[u]The Bible and Birth Control[/u] by Charles Provan.

[u]The Way Home: Beyond Feminism, Back to Reality[/u] by Mary Pride.

[u]A Full Quiver: Family Planning and the Lordship of Christ[/u] by Rick and Jan Hess.

My latest favorite:

[u]The Pursuit of Godly Seed[/u] by Denny Kenaston (I will do a review of this book soon.)

These books reference all the scriptures pertaining to the marriage bed and children. Our bodies are truly not our own, they are the LORD's.

~Mrs. Fred

PS: When people ask 'Don't you know what causes that?' just grin and say 'YES!' :-)

Mrs. Fred

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Phoenix, Arizona USA


My latest favorite:

The Pursuit of Godly Seed by Denny Kenaston (I will do a review of this book soon.)

I haven't read Mr. Kenaston's book yet but I have listened to His sermon series on The Godly Home and it has really opened my eyes to my neglect in raising straight and true arrows for God's bow. For anyone raising a family or thinking about raising a family, I cannot recommend these sermons more highly, they are life changing, you can find them in mp3 format at the following link;

[url=]The Godly Home[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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Joined: 2004/7/7
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Great books. I have also read them. We have "The Pursuit of Godly Seed" but I haven't read it yet. I, like Ron, have heard the Godly Home series and think it's great. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences with us. We do have to be ever willing to learn and change as we see our failings in this journey.

Head knowledge doesn't always easily work itself out into daily practice without real commitment. I want nothing more than to see my children walking faithfully with the Master. Feel free to pray for us as we learn and grow in these areas.

Obey Always,


Dennis Green

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