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 Solemn Assembly - Points of Repentance

I have been pondering this call to a Solemn Assembly the last few days. Since this is to be a time of searching, cleansing, and repentance it seems good that there should be some specific points to focus on. I was reading the following from Andrew Murray this evening and it struck me that this is probably top of the list for the Solemn Assembly;

"The loss of God's presence always results from some hidden sin. Can we deny that our lack of prayer is the sin causing God's presence and power to be so far from us?...we need God to show us how our lack of prayer indicates unfaithfulness to our consecration vows to give God all of our hearts and lives. Our limited prayers with the excuses we make for them, are a greater sin than we know. It shows that we have little taste or relish for fellowship with God and that our faith rests more on our own work and efforts than on the power of God. It demonstrates that we have little sense of the heavenly blessings God waits to shower down on us and that we are not ready to sacrifice the ease and confidence of the flesh for perseveringly waiting on God. And finally, it proves that our spiritual lives-our abiding in Christ-are altogether too weak to make us prevail in prayer. When the pressure of work for Christ is allowed to be the excuse for our not finding time to seek and secure His own presence and power in it as our chief need, our sense of absolute dependence on God is not right."

-Andrew Murray from [i]The Ministry of Intercession[/i]

Please feel free to add other items of focus for this time of seeking God's heart for our nation.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2004/7/9 23:59Profile

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 Revival, true gain

The world has lost the power to blush over its vice;
The Church has lost her power to weep over it.
L. Ravenhill
Revival parying

Revival – lost power regained,
Power to blush,
Power to weep,
Turning from any concept of power concentrated on getting and gaining,
Turning from defending and sparing self,
Returning to the state and position creation was meant to have –
perfect dependence and obedience, a turning Heavenward to give oneself away.
L. W.

Lars Widerberg

 2004/7/10 0:30Profile

 Re: Solemn Assembly - Points of Repentance

There is a relevant link between the item called "Hezekiah's revival" and this one.
I am looking forward to having the complete message about that revival.

 2004/7/11 13:27

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