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 Pray for rain!!

Pray for literal rain... we havent had any here in NC since sometime in the spring. The rivers are so low you can walk across them without getting your knees wet when it use to be up to your neck. Many of the lakes are down 3 feet. We've had a bunch of forest fires as well. People's wells are running dry and most towns now have water restrictions in place.

It's looking like we might get some rain off of Tropical Storm Fay... but a shift in the wind could keep it away too, which happens many times because of the mountains between NC and TN.

We desperately need it. I dont even mind football practice in the rain... the kids love the mud. Right now they're eating dust.


 2008/8/25 9:05

 Re: Pray for rain!!

Guess what...! I just looked outside and this cool liquid was falling from the sky! At first I wasnt sure what it was, but I went to wikipedia and looked it up... it's rain!

God is good!


 2008/8/25 9:34

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 Re: Rain

Our Father! Even before we ask (or ask much) but just lean our hearts a little.

A sustained and steady rain?
Oh for the rain of revival.

Thank you Father.

 2008/8/25 11:26Profile

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Praise God!
He is concerned about every detail of our lives.
He is Amazing!
We've had lots of rain in Ga., but needed it.
I asked Him for a little cooler Weather .
He answered.
God is good, all the time.

 2008/8/27 13:12Profile

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God is good, all the time.


 2008/8/27 14:29Profile

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I just looked outside and this cool liquid was falling from the sky!

Yes! Praise the LORD! I know you guys are dry - having visited SC in early August we were struck with the lake levels...looked pitiful. We are still short on water but it is improving. With TS Fay we got 6.5 inches!! And now with Gustav threatening to come up the Gulf, it just might well hit us again. Now I wonder how the farmers would appreciate it since they are in corn harvest... the fields are muddy....yup, it is a challenge: rain - you either get too much or not enough here in the south.

But God is good - all the time. Farming makes one aware of how dependent we are on our Creator for sustenance of life.


Sandra Miller

 2008/8/28 8:28Profile


Feast or famine... been nice to get rain this week. Got about 4 or 5 inches over several days. Raining again this morning. The rivers went from about 3 inches deep to just below flood level almost overnight. Mainly because we get run-off from the mountains here.

Hopefully this next hurricane doesnt wreak as much havoc as the doomsday sayers are saying.


 2008/8/28 8:59

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