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 Angels weeping

I heard someone mention about angels weeping or being able to weep. Does anyone know of a scripture reference that mentions this? I have searched but I cannot find it.

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 Re: Angels weeping

Only after I had posted this did I remember there is also much false angel teachings going on these days. I was reading a Tozer Devotional this morning that brought back something I heard many years ago. I apologize if I have brought up what may be a sensitive subject. It sure wasn't my intention.

Here is what was in the A. W. Tozer devotional.

"Perhaps this is happening because we are trying to plan how everything should happen. Everyone of us reads a little how-to book on witnessing. We try to do it the way we have been taught. But it is perfunctory and without any contagious element. If angels can weep, they must weep salty tears upon seeing a proselyte who has never really met the Lord making another proselyte who will also never meet the Lord.
Faith Beyond Reason, pp. 101-102"

After re-reading it, he seems not to be saying they can weep, but maybe "IF" they could weep then they would weep salty tears, etc.

Anyway, I apologize for not reading more closely the first time. I should have thought it through more thoroughly.


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a humble heart is such a blessing.

i'm grateful God has given you humility this day, may He be praised!

it's on this board for a reason, brother. God wasn't surprised you posted any of it...perhaps someone will be blessed by this. God's purposes are always fulfilled.

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I can't imagine anything that God created being anything other than a reflection of Himself. The Holy Spirit grieves, I'm sure angels do also, Jesus wept, I'm sure angels do also. If there is joy and rejoicing in heaven over one lost soul returning I would have to believe the opposite is true also. I wouldn't make a seris of teachings out of this but I think that sometimes we go to extremes in our views, either so far to the left with angels being more like robots(in that case why do we need to be called upon to judge them?) or so far to the right where we so humanize them so as to make them utterly like us,(we were created a little lower than the angels). Just some thoughts.


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