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whyme wrote:
Logic, I agree completely that spiritual life and eternal life are the same. How do you respond to 1Cor.15:45-50 that seem to indicate that Adam did not have spiritual life yet had a relationship with God.

Do you think that Adam would not have come & stayed in heaven if he never ate of the tree of life whille being innocent(never sinned)?

Adam was like infants are today as they are under the age of accountability.
Infants are in a right standing with God being innocent as Adam was.

Once an child is accountable and sins, they loose there innocence, which means they are no longer in right standing with God, if/when they die, they will not come into the presence of God without judgment.

If Adam never ate from the tree of life while sinnless, he would eventually have come to the presence of God, but without judgment, wich is the same as eternal life.

1Cor.15:45-50 must be talking about after Adams fall.

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