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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : When God Comes Down - Video History

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 When God Comes Down - Video History

Last week I found a unique cache of gold on SI: Audio Sermons/Other Speakers M – R/Miscellaneous. All are wonderful but two were specifically helpful in [u]prayer for Scotland meetings[/u] and in shedding more light on [u]the relationship between God’s Sovereignty and our prayer[/u]. I recommend when you have the time that you watch these reports of Revival if you have not already. I am including the review I posted on them.

[url=]The Revival of 59 (video) by Miscellaneous[/url]
God’s Sovereignty and our prayer in relationship: Very encouraging in prayer to me. Within the video, there are three parts. High credibility with on-video sources. This would be very useful in small group viewing to educate for revival prayer. Here is a link for immediate viewing if download is long for you.

[url=]An Eyewitness Account of the 1904 Revival by Miscellaneous[/url]
Priceless account: Came in the evening and middle of the night during my night shift in the pit. “Something wonderful has happened.”,” The terror of the Lord fell on the unsaved and they feared to come out of their houses”, “life was worth living in the pits (mines)-wonderful”, “knew it was a very serious call to be a Christian”, “people felt the presence of God in the train cars as they came close, on the road”, “called to preach…were afraid of it.” R.B. Jones, a minister that was there at the time, wrote a book-Rend Heavens with many specifics. “Practical Christianity, social reform, Socialism, Capitalism, the Sermon on the Mount without Christ, nationalism, after the war, swept in and (quenched the Spirit after years of the daily presence of God). We were prepared, all of us.

Yes I noticed that as I signed on to post this, another had posted in Articles and Sermons: "When God Comes Down". :-)

Sweet fellowship.

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 Re: When God Comes Down - Video History


JoanM wrote:
Yes I noticed that as I signed on to post this, another had posted in Articles and Sermons: "When God Comes Down". :-)

Sweet fellowship.

Praise the Lord! That is sweet indeed! God bless you sister! :-)

 2008/8/20 17:26

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 Re: When God Comes Down - Video History


I'm listening to the revival account right now. How lovely to hear this and know that this can and will happen once again and on an even greater level.

I know the Lord will faithfully answer the cries of His children for true revival and real salvations that set the captives free.

I am leery of any so-called move of God that does not cause great trembling and recognition of sinfulness amongst the people.

Thankyou dear sister for bringing this to our attention. This is encouraging in the light of numerous false shepherds being exposed. The Lord will not be mocked.

God Bless, KathleenP


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Joined: 2008/4/7
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No programs needed, no special music for the young, no fine church buildings that seat people. God himself in the streets, everywhere, fellowshipping with His own, convicting by His presence, gossip about men changed to “did you hear that God ….”, walking in the land of the living in the manifest presence of the Lord, a holy concern about every action. The fear of God is great joy. Oh to know Him in public, walk-around revival with everyone knowing that He is and that He has visited His own.

One new thing that struck me was that although many prayed, God was absolutely sovereign. Although we ask Him to search our hearts, and agree and obey about anything He points out, there is no way we can be “clean enough”, [u]and still He comes[/u]. It is not up to man. That is works that cripple and discourage prayer. Getting clear about the balance encourages me to persist in prayer.


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