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 Sermons that blessed me recently

Here is some of the messages that has been great encouragement for me lately.

[b][url=]Attributes of God (Series 2): The Divine infinitude by A.W. Tozer[/url]

[url=]The Threshing Floor of Ornan by T. Austin-Sparks[/url][/b]

and this one I have listened to probably maybe ten times, when i feel the christian walk is to hard or the temptations to much, this message always get me to "stir up my spirit" and submit to Him.

in not so many words, a message about Gods grace unlike most you ever heard before. And I just re-listened some days ago, what deep truths to really get a hold of!

[b][url=] The Grace of God by T. Austin-Sparks[/url]

I have listened and read this one also before, but a fresh listen to this is very recommended, this book we should be reading continually.

[b][url=]Words to winners of souls part 2 by Horatius Bonar[/url][/b]

and probably the most disturbing and provocative message lately is this one,

[b][url=]True Fellowship by Art Katz[/url]

He who have ears...


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 Re: Sermons that blessed me recently

Appreciate this, thanks brother ... don't get opportunity listen to messages as often as I used to, glad to hear of any recommendations.

Mike Balog

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Recently been refreshed in Darrell Champlins
[url=]Love With Shoes On[/url]

It is for me the most significant message I have heard...

...but if we have not love...


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