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 The question...

So imagine you are at home with those you love (Mom, dad, brothers/sisters, grandma/grandpa etc...) and suddenly someone busts in through the door with a gun and sits you beside him while your family is lined up in front of you.

now the man turns to you and gives you 2 options; 1)you deny Christ and save those you love, he leaves and never comes back to bother you
2)you decide NOT to deny Christ and this man brutally murders those you love.

Now saints, if you have ever been asked in church if you love the Lord above all things let this question put your answer through the fire.

from my experience most cannot give the right answer. so what is yours ?

enjoy (;.

"33But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven"
-Matthew 10:33


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 Re: The question...

these questions i have found is somewhat hard to answer, because ALL will almost say they will cling to the Saviour, but it is one thing what we say, and another totally when the situation, temptation arrives.

I have said in other situations i will do thus and thus, but in [i]reality[/i] i chickend out, i saved my self, i came down from the cross, it may have been a little thing, but there is always two ways, the way of the cross, and the comfortable way of compromise. Getting out easy and with comfort.

to my shame many times i chose to save myself, i am not sure, but i think it is about the "deeper death" thing, where we are not alive anymore, "not I but Christ" . So by Gods grace i can say i hope to stay true to my master in such a situation, but i dare not say thus and thus will i do, because i have seen myself do just the opposite many times from what i said.



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I wouldnt deny Christ, but I wouldnt sit there either, I would try to talk him out of what he's doing, I would pray for him, maybe witness to him, beg him to change his mind,,, and my last effort would be just grab for the gun and let him kill me if he had to.
but sit there and let him shoot my family would probably be the last thing I would do.
Maybe the right answer would be to stand up and offer to let him kill me in place of my family.
And pray that the Lord would intervene in such a situation, to soften his heart and draw him to the truth...He could be looking for a true believer and the only way he could be sure of meeting a true believer would be to try them by fire.


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