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 Biblical qualifications for the office of Evangelist?

The New testament gives very clear instructions as to the qualifications necessary for pastors, teachers, leaders/elders/deacons.

What would you say are the biblical requirements of an Evangelist? I'm not just talking about anyone who does anything for the sake of the Great Commission, but of the Office described by Ephesians 4 that stands together with the other offices of Apostle, Prophet, Teacher and Pastor?

By the same token, what makes someone a false evangelist? (Galatians 1:19 being obvious)

Benjamin Valentine

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 Re: Biblical qualifications for the office of Evangelist?

Not sure what you mean by "office" described in Ephesians 4? Last I checked the whole chapter of Ephesians 4 in the kjv apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher are gifts. Not an office. In context, Rob Still

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Thats a very good question. I would venture to say that they are very similar to that of an elder/pastor. In fact, I think the qualifications for elder/pastor ought to be considered a good way for all Christians to live.


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Does the man of one wife statement disqualify someone the remarries after the death of their spouse?


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Does the man of one wife statement disqualify someone the remarries after the death of their spouse?

If I understand this scripture, this is talking about a situation in the present tense. (I Timothy 3:2.) This would eliminate the practice of polygamy in the leadership.

Those who have spouses that are deceased no longer (may be some exceptions) regard that dead person as a spouse. Ever notice that? I saw this happen in our son-in-law after the death of his wife, our daughter. He was no longer married to her: she is dead, graveyard dead. He has no responsibility for her in any shape or form. He is free to pursue another woman and marry her. And he did. No guilt. Nothing there to distract him from marrying another except the two children he had with her. This is something you cannot say when you are talking about a divorce/remarriage situation.

Actually, in studying this scripture do you find any qualifications that should not be characteristic of all Believers?

My thoughts...


Sandra Miller

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