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 Christ's humanity

Jesus is 100% God and 100% Man.

"Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist." 2 John 7

Was there any of mary in Jesus? If not where did his humanity come from? He did call himself the son of man.


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 Re: Christ's humanity

SteveHale wrote:

Was there any of mary in Jesus? If not where did his humanity come from? He did call himself the son of man.

Jesus went through a normal gestation, which is reiceving nutriance from His mother. I don't know mush about what goes on through out the gestation, however, since Jesus is 100% human, there is no problem with Jesus having anything from Mary.
His virgin conception only prooves that He was not created, nothing more.

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 Re: Christ's humanity

The Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us.
This is the mystery of incarnation. Jesus
clothed Himself with humanity so He could
experience how mortal life was. He called
Himself the Son of Man because He identified
Himself with us in hungering, thristing, being
wearied, and in suffering death for our sakes.

Martin G. Smith

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This is so amazing!

The creator became part of His creation to redeem His creation.

Only believe!

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 Re: Christ's humanity

Hi Steve and everyone,
May Jesus Christ be glorified.
I've been giving this question some thought "where did his humanity come from?" Did he have a humanity? Did it come from somewhere different than where he came from? (I've been given faith that the Lord Jesus truly came in the flesh for which I owe God all thanks and praise)

Who says "Look, there is a humanity" or "Whose humanity is this, mine or yours?" or "Do you have your humanity right now? In what way?" I think some of our words are misleading in that they make nouns out of things that are really verbs or adjectives. I don't think that the Lord ever "had a humanity" that existed apart from him because he did not join himself to any pre-existing human form.

What way is there for us of comprehending HOW the Word of God became flesh? His flesh began to be because He began to be flesh ("become" means "begin to be" in english). It is totally amazing! The power of the Holy Spirit! It would probably be easier to understand where the heavens and the earth came from than to understand how the Lord truly BECAME (started to BE) a precious child in Mary's womb. He truly became like us! But his Father is not a man.

I've read that the origin of the child is the father and that the child is born of the mother but conceived of the father's seed. Like a plant grown in a field - it didn't originate with the field but grew and was nourished in the field. You could say the plant was of the field but it would not mean that the plant originated from the field. It only matters what God says - not my own understanding. I think the scriptures do show that the origin of the child is with the father.

If his origin is from heaven and not from Mary then how could he be human?
Is it necessary for him to have derived his flesh from his mother in order to be truly human?
Who were the mothers of Adam, Eve, and Melchizedek? Yet they were truly human also.
The Lord started to be flesh in Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit (She truly is blessed among women!) In what manner did this happen? Incomprehensibly! His flesh is the true bread from heaven and he truly came in the flesh.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share with all of you.

After leaving the glory he had with His Father to become flesh he gave up even that flesh for our sakes and His Father has restored not only His flesh, and His glory, but all things are given to Him.

 2008/8/11 20:46

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