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 Who is/where find A.E. Reinschmidt?

Where can I find information on A.E. Reinschmidt? He is quoted in Old Path #9 and I want to use this quote to encourage prayer. Not seen on Wikipedi or SI sermon text list. A great quote.

“A real prayer meeting is the business meeting of the Board of Directors of the “House of God.” It is the one period in the week when the spiritual members of the church come together, face to face with God. In all the other meetings of the church they deal mostly with people and earthly affairs. The prayer meeting is God’s hour.

It is almost trite to call it the “Powerhouse of the Church,” but that is exactly what it is. You could not say that the pulpit, the Sunday school, the sewing room, could be in any sense called the source of supernatural power. These are merely the outlets of power – when there is any power! If there be no prayer meeting there will be no divine power to let out. It is very strange that the less of prayer and power a church has, the more machinery it will add, the more outlets it will provide. Conversely, the more power there is the less of machinery there will be. Then men and women themselves become the implement – the outlet – of the power of the Spirit. The prayer meeting is the link between the church and Heaven, the base of supply.” -A.E. Reinschmidt

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