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 North Korea Warns Citizens of Bibles


North Korea Warns Citizens of Bibles, Capitalist Movies

The Japanese daily Tokyo Shimbun quoted a North Korean internal document on Tuesday, July 06, that says the North Korean government has urged its people to watch each other more closely saying that bibles and films from capitalistic nations have been flowing into the country through bordering areas with China.

This document, which was published by the North Korean Workers’ Party late last year, pointed out that former Eastern European communist countries collapsed because they had not recognized the harm of capitalistic culture. It emphasized the importance of learning the lessons of history. The document also said that books that propagate the Bible and religious superstitions are widespread in the border area, as are movies and CDs that both depict life in capitalist countries and distort North Korea.

It warned that these smuggled goods are the most poisonous factor to the healthy thoughts of the North Korean people and reading or watching them in curiosity once or twice will destroy the people and their families, the Japanese newspaper reported.
The North Korean authority signed an agreement on guarding the border region with a Chinese military delegation at the end of last year. Although the agreement has yet been revealed, it seemingly aims to strengthen the border controls, the Tokyo Shimbun said.

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