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Keith Daniel will be staying at my house for six months for anybody who would like to attend.

[b]Just kidding![/b]

 2008/10/2 22:27

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Ah, there are lots of things that go on in your neck of the woods. It's not everyday someone comes around in these here hills they call the Ozarks.

Josh Parsley

 2008/10/2 23:52Profile



PreachParsly wrote:
Ah, there are lots of things that go on in your neck of the woods. It's not everyday someone comes around in these here hills they call the Ozarks.

Oh I wish that were so. Thankfully after October the bragging will be over. LOL! J.K. ;-)

 2008/10/3 6:44


Actually too where you live you are not inundated with prosperity preachers like we are. It's much worse in the city. I just sense that 90% of alot of this is bragging. Not particularly by any one person but that is what I am discerning. If someone is visiting your area great but just don't continually bombard everyone with it.

Don't be proud about it and think your better than everyone else because you got to see so and so in person. Your not great because someone is visiting your church. If anything you should be thankful and consider yourself blessed not better than everyone else.

Again I am not saying this to any one person but this is the way some of you are coming across.

My husband always says that I am usually always the one who says what everyone else is sensing but one of the only people who is willing to say it. You can take it or leave it.

 2008/10/3 7:58


Thank you to those who have been praying. God has been working. Tonight and tomorrow morning are the last services. Pray for God to manifest the presence and glory of Jesus Christ. Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit on brother Keith as he preaches, and also on Roy as he preaches tomorrow morning.

Thank you, brothers and sisters.


 2008/10/4 19:39

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montana usa


Thanks Roniya (Joy) for the update on these meetings. I am praying that God continues to anoint Keith, Jenny, and Roy with His Spirit. I Pray that God also opens up the heart and ears of those that are at the meetings. What a privilege to be able to be a part of Keith's ministry by praying for him. We are workers together with him, with you, with God.

I am also looking forward to hearing reports or testimonies of what God is doing in the hearts of people that are able to attend the meetings, it is a way to edify all of the believers here on Sermon Index. How thankful I am to be able to receive information on this site and for the sermons that are available, what treasures they are.

I am looking forward to seeing Keith in a couple of weeks and I count it very much a blessing, it humbles us here to know that God has chosen to bless us with Keiths coming. I'm sure it is because God sees us as being so desperately in need of direction,encouragement, and instruction. But God is also faithful to all of us who will be able to hear these messages on Sermon Index very shortly.

Thank you Joy for all of the work that you and your family do in preparing for these messages to be recorded, for us to download, and for all the work that your family does in preparing Keith and his family's itineraries. I know you see it as a great privilege and it is!

God bless you, Joy, and thanks again!

Blessings, bonni :-)


 2008/10/5 0:03Profile


Thank you, Bonni, you are so sweet. It would have been so wonderful to have had you and your family join us. Maybe next year. :)

I do hope that there is some sharing from people who were able to come to family camp, of what God did in their lives. How good He is and He is worthy of all the praise, glory and honor.

It is such an incredible blessing and privilege to have the Daniels come to this family camp each year. We are so unworthy and yet God sees our need and in His mercy and grace allows us this blessing. It was awesome to see God working in lives this past weekend.

Personally, I was amazed to see how God works in answer to prayer and how vitally important prayer is. Jenny Daniel's had a message on rest that was very practical and helpful. And on Friday a brother shared his testimony of being freed from a sinful life of drugs and personal pleasure to being fully surrendered to God. He came to our family camp two years ago having been saved for two months. It is staggering to see what God has done and is doing in his life to transform him into the image of Jesus Christ.

Thank you once again to those who faithfully prayed for these meetings. Please continue to pray for brother Keith as he travels across America preaching the uncompromising truth of Scripture.

May Jesus be glorified in all we do and say. He alone is worthy.


 2008/10/6 22:58

 Re: Keith Daniel 2008 USA Fall Tour

[b]October 6-8 (Keith, Jenny& Roy)[/b]
Rhinelander, WI
Assembly of Believers (meetings at James Williams Middle School)
Brandon Martin # 715.362.8327 or (work) 715.369.5266
Nita Brainerd #715.362.5676
7pm - nightly (Keith)
4pm, Tuesday (Roy), Wednesday (Jenny), supper at 5:30pm

 2008/10/6 22:59

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I see Keith will be in Milwaukee this weekend. I may need to stop by :-)


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A powerful sermon delivered by brother Keith a few years ago:

[b]A Warning To America by Keith Daniel - Part 3[/b]

you can order this video and some others here for free:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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