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Rochester, New York

 Rochester, NY Public Market "No Tract Zone" and Gay Pride

I was not sure if I should post this in the prayer section or here...

Our city of Rochester, New York is now giving more rights to homosexuals in City Hall.


this past Saturday my family and I had problems with passing out tracts at the Rochester Public Market.

Please pray for the City of Rochester, NY where revivals of Charles Finney broke out in the 1800's.

read the story below, this took place this past Saturday

Today around 8:15am our family of 9 (2 adults, 7 children) left to go
to the Rochester
"Public" Market to pass out Gospel Tracts and for my wife to some shopping.

A few years ago we would go more often but becuase of our Sat. morning
schedule we have only
been able to go to this fishing hole just a few times this year. So
today it was going to be warm
and I thought it would be a great day to pass out gospel tracts at our
usual spot.

There are three long canopy's that each have many vendors selling
items and we found a walk through
that is a great place to pass out tracts to people walking back and
forth. We even
did some open air at this spot once before and I only had one heckler
as we were leaving.

So today we (me and 5 children) passed out tracts at this spot and
were there from about
9:10-10:00am. It went well and we were just about to leave at 9:57am
I was bending over packing up
our tracts in my backpack while my cute 4 year old daughter was
climbing on my back and looked
up when my son Josiah age 13 said "Dad, this guy over here said that
we can't pass these out here."

So I stood up confused and said out loud, "Who said this to you?"...
and he said "that man
in the yellow shirt over there."

And now the "man in the yellow shirt" saw us and came walking over to
me and said again "you can't pass
these out here". and I said... "sir, this is the Rochester PUBLIC
market, I have
a constitutional right to pass out any literature anywhere that is public."

And again he just said, "you can't pass these out here, and how I have
proof that you have been passing
these out here (as he was waiving his tract my son gave him), we have
been looking for you
every week and now we found you." I was puzzled that he was looking
for us when we have not been
there in 2-3 months...

I asked him, "who are you and what authority do you come tell me I
can't do what I have
a right to do?" and he said, "I am a volunteer with the city of
Rochester and the head
of the Rochester PUBLIC market is on his way over here to speak to you."

(Keep in mind that during the past hour, we passed out tracts to
Rochester city police officers under
this now NO GOSPEL TRACT ZONE at the Rochester PUBLIC Market and they did
not say anything to us).

I then said to the man, "We were just about to leave..." while I am
continuing to pack up our
belongings and remove my beautiful daughter from my shoulder... a
short lady walked up
behind me giving this guy in the yellow shirt a hearty "Amen, you
can't pass these out
here, I have lived here all my life." I was not sure if she was saying
she lived at the Public
Market all her life...

and then said, "You are soliciting and you can't do this here.", and I
said, "I'm not soliciting."
and she said, "yes you are..." , she then said "if you don't leave
you will be arrested and
fined.", and the man in the yellow shirt, grabbed his cell phone and
said, "I'm going to
call the man in charge right now."... I said, "We are leaving sir."
and I grabbed my children
and said, "let go family"... and they followed me to where my wife and
I were going to meet
and left the market.

I realized this conversation with the 'man in the yellow' shirt and
the 'lady who lives at the
Rochester public market' were not happy with the family of 5 cute
children passing out
Jesus literature in the now designated "NO GOSPEL TRACT ZONE"...

Then as we were leaving over the loud speaker we heard from someone in
charge that
we were not allowed to pass out literature under the canopy's but out side.

The tract that was given to the man was "Testing your Reading Skills"

How ironic...

The End.

Doug Renz

 2008/7/14 0:00Profile

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 Re: Rochester, NY Public Market "No Tract Zone" and Gay Pride

Give it fifty years, I expect we'll have a strong, small church in North America.

Praise God for your faithfulness.

 2008/7/14 1:57Profile


The ugly claws of Socialism are scratching America's moral landscape; for you see, there are no Godly morals in socialism, only human morals, that eventually descend to the Depths of Satanic Adam's most base lusts. Society dictates the right and wrong of it, and this of course is decided by the qualified elite.

Think of Sodom and Gomorrah...Somehow everyone decided the raping[and probable murder.] of traveling men, sojourners, was just fine, for after all, we burn with lust and must fulfill ourselves! Isn't that our right?

I think that the Lord himself arriving, was simply a statement from Heaven that they were doing these things unto [b]HIM[/b], no matter their ideas. They were utterly reprobate, yet Abraham's compassion was tested until he too saw God's Justice.

"Ye are the salt of the Earth, but if the salt has lost it's savor, what good is it? It is useless, and is thrown out upon the refuse."

You mentioned Finney's revival[the spark of it.]...How much of the rainbow coalition would survive that wave of Holy fire? I shudder to think how a converted Rochester would deal with such brazen shame. It would not fair well for them.

When the standard of holiness within the church is removed, the enemy does come in like a flood. We the church have left our watch posts, to favor a 42 inch Toshiba hdtv widescreen, and our boating trip after Sunday church. We have become corrupted by our best life now, be it in the confines of our own moral standards...but the trick is...those standards have a way of stretching....until Molly and Sarah share the same pulpit, and the same bed...and the same name. They are married, after all.

We have failed; We the church, to keep the Mercy lights aglow...While holding the standard high of repentence from dead works......."[b]The works that bring death[/b]."

When we repent, and God accepts our offering, then shame will return to these revellers..and to us, the church.

Lastly, let us never forget that these sinners are in chains. They are in prison, and Jesus wants them out. He loves them, and desires them, clothed in holiness.

Thank you for this poignant picture of a day in the life. It is a sign of a greater Tsunami around the corner...and then...awefull judgement. Judgement begins within His Holy Body first, though.

 2008/7/22 11:42


It's nice to know that I gave almost a decade of my life in order to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States... and then this misinformed, ignorant, arrogant, communistic/socialistic, yellow shirted bully tramples on it.

Brother, I know there are some here on this forum who dont believe in fighting for our rights as American citizens... but I hope you do! By fighting for your Constitutional right to hand out tracts and freedom of speech you will open the door for others to do the same, and others to find Christ!

Paul saw nothing wrong in claiming his Roman citizenship when he was being held captive... and in doing so God opened even more doors for Paul to evangelize.


 2008/7/22 13:59

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