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 Canadians are losing their freedoms... and America is next!

While I think the mother in this story is deeply deceived, and I certainly do not promote anything to do with the evils of Nazism... it is a scarey day when the government can remove your children from you because of your beliefs!

Today it's Nazi's... tomorrow it's Christians.

Interesting that the Canadian government is against Nazism in this case... yet they use the exact same tactics that the Nazi's used... removing children from families who hold beliefs that do not fall in line with the government.


[b]Mother Loses Kids After Sending Daughter to School With Swastika Drawn on Arm[/b]
[i]From Fox News[/i]

[i]A Canadian woman who describes herself as a white nationalist lost custody of her children after sending her daughter to school twice with a swastika drawn on her arm, the CBC reported.

The Winnipeg mother told the CBC she regrets redrawing the Nazi symbol after a teacher scrubbed it off. She is fighting the child welfare system to regain custody of her daughter, 7, and son, 2, who were removed from her home four months ago.

"It was one of the stupidest things I've done in my life but it's no reason to take my kids," the unidentified woman told CBC News. She is currently allowed to see her kids for two hours a week.

Child and Family Services workers were alerted after the second swastika incident at school, the CBC reported. When they arrived at the family home they found neo-Nazi symbols and flags, and proceeded to seize the kids.

The case has sparked a debate over whether the police and child welfare authorities can take children away because of their parents’ beliefs.

"I'm willing to jump through their hoops," the woman told the CBC. "If they want me to deny my beliefs, I'll tell them that, but at the same time, I'm not a traitor to my politics, my beliefs. I just want my kids back."[/i]

 2008/7/11 13:51

 Re: Canadians are losing their freedoms... and America is next!

I used to work for Child Protective Services and it was drilled into us that we were not to remove anyone based on cultural and religious beliefs. As a matter of fact many used their culture or religion as an excuse to physically and sexaully abuse their children. The latest Mormon polygamy case is an example. We went to great lengths to cover ourselves legally here and so many kids were left unnoticed because no one wanted to touch this issue with a ten foot pole. I see the other side as demonstrated here by the news but it can go both ways. Regardless my faith isn't shaken. I'll defend my children and family till death, but as far as losing my freedom, if it's for Christ's sake I'm fine with that. The bible says that buying and selling will be hijacked the the evil one. Back to the prayer closet.

 2008/7/11 14:07

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I am running off on a rabbit trail here on this thread, but your response evokes a question to me about the most recent fiasco concerning the "latest Mormon polygamy case".

From all news reports I have read the report of alleged abuse among these Mormons came from a caller in CO. Could the authorities not determine that this call came from out of state and thus question the authenticity of it before making that raid? The authorities said they believed this call originated from within the compound (if I recall.). Some reports do not make a lot of sense, given the technology I have in my home and we are not in law enforcement! :-?

What say, coley?


Sandra Miller

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