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 Our Father Abraham by Marvin Wilson - excellent!

I would highly recommend reading the book "Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith" by Marvin R. Wilson

The book deals with the Hebraic foundations of the church. It addresses issues such as anti-semitism, replacement theology in the church, and our lack of sound theology because we have removed the importance of the Old Testament's role in the church.

There was one chapter that spoke particularly of how everything we do as believers has its roots in the Jewish people. In fact, he says much of what Paul teaches in his epistles has its foundations in the Torah – issues such as leadership, widows, the poor, family, etc. – all things that he quotes directly from the Old Testament.

When Paul told Timothy in 2 Tim 3:15-17 about “all Scripture being God breathed”, we must remember that the New Testament canon didn’t exist yet. The Scriptures of the early church was the Hebrew Scriptures.

It is a great book that provoked me as a fellow Gentile to appreciate our spiritual lineage, our forefathers in the faith, as well as what a blessing it is to be grafted into the covenant of God and Israel as “fellow-heirs” of Christ.

I highly recommend reading the book. Has anyone read it? Or any books with similar emphasis?

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 Re: Our Father Abraham by Marvin Wilson - excellent!


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Hi Mattie,


I have Marvin Wilson's book as well as many Jewish Root's class lectures from my formal studies with the Messianic's. I have David Sterns commentary as well as Ron Moseley and Daniel Gruber's books. They contain 'valuable' information.

I would only caution against the notion that we need to return to a first century Judaism, etc. I would also caution against getting sucked into a Talmudic ideology that is clearly AntiChrist. There are several articles [url=]on 'Jewish Roots' Issues here.[/url]

Two works I would recommend:

1) Rabbi Akiba's Messiah (Dan Gruber)
2) The Zealots (Martin Hengel)

Robert Wurtz II

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