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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : The Nazis Declared War On Christianity In Public Schools Just As The Radical Left Is Doing Today

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I am concerned here with this subject because how demonizing people make the left.

For one, the right is just as bad if not worst, so I propose that we stop hating or slamming one side of the fence.

The bottom line is that is that a little leaven spoils the whole lump, period.

Jesus should be our number one focus, not left or right, that is why it is so politically politics. It stinks when we jump down the throat of one group of people these days especially.

This is a bad time we are living in

 2008/8/21 15:54

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 Re: The Nazis Declared War On Christianity In Public Schools Just As The Radical Left

History repeats itself. Not really shocked by this equational inevitability anymore. Where did the holocaust come from anyways? It came from the human heart.

That about sums it all up.

To put it plainly, in my opinion, the machine of government is seeking to do the will of their father the devil. We can fairly well say (and have been saying) the same about most churches and "christians" these days too.

Luke 4
5. And he (Satan) led Him (Jesus) up and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.
6. And the devil said to Him, "I will give You all this domain and its glory; for it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.
7. "Therefore if You worship before me, it shall all be Yours."

If we do not worship God in spirit and truth then we do not worship God at all. And if we do not worship God then there is another who hears us; one who is willing to give us "all this domain and its glory".

How often do we praise the Name of Jesus when we receive works of the devil, as though we were ministered to by an angel of light?

Politicians are not ministers of righteousness, though they certainly masquerade, and even think of themselves, as such. There is only One Minister of Righteousness, He is our Ever-living High Priest, He is Jesus our Lord and Savior and there is no other Christ.


 2008/8/21 18:44Profile



Thank you, it is the actual stand that we must have, the political process doesn't concern us, we are to trust an amazing God, when He sees such trust in our hearts, He will supply our every need and care.

 2008/8/22 9:15


Every Christian should seriously consider homeschooling. Unlike [b]ejg[/b], it's not a left or right thing, it's a raising your kids up to be godly... and you can't do that when you send them to the government schools. Forget the world system of left and right... how about we obey Psalm 1?


 2008/8/22 9:20


You have it wrong Krispy, I do not care about left or right, so again, please sure you do not flame me for your lack of understanding.

I will re-iterate, I do not care about left or right, I simply responded because so many bash the left, or on the other hand people bash the right.

We need Jesus. If you hate the schools, your right, home-school or teach your child how to live Godly among the school systems.

 2008/8/22 9:53

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Hi ejg...

We need Jesus. If you hate the schools, your right, home-school or teach your child how to live Godly among the school systems.

I find it interesting that there is a real fight to allow such a right (homeschool or christian teaching). Do you know just which side of the ideological aisle is fighting this right? Do we even pretend to not know why?

Activist judges in California recently ruled against the right of parents to "homeschool" their children. A principal in Florida was recently reprimanded for telling a student that he/she believed that homosexuality is wrong. I imagine that if that same principal had told the student that homosexuality is "normal" (based upon his/her own opinion), he would have been applauded. I know of teachers who were told that they could not keep a Bible on their desks -- because it could make students feel "uncomfortable" (and while these same students are free to bring and share about their own personal Satanic works). As a high school student, I was sent home for wearing a Christian t-shirt -- while students boldly wore their anti-Christian t-shirts (until my parents threatened a lawsuit).

It seems that a right to free religious or moral expression is only embraced by those expressions which agree with the social agenda and morality of those on the left of social and religious matters. Do we honestly believe that the founding fathers would have wanted to reprimand a school teacher or principal who shared his religious view about homosexuality?

This is just something to think about as it is related to issues in multiple threads that were recently resurrected.



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I agree here,

we have no voice unless we make it heard

 2008/8/22 11:48


[b]EJG[/b]... If you have been here for awhile you would know that most here, including myself, have had a lot to say about what you call "the right". There have a been a lot of discussions about Bush that have not been favorable toward him. I dont particularly think he's been a good President. He's definately a horrible communicator.

But when it comes to moral issues, I think he's done ok.

But because you have an agenda (even tho you cant admit it), you refuse to see this. We here are not your run-of-the-mill "churchianity" believers who swallow everything that comes from the pulpit. Most here seem to be thinkers... we dont just swallow the party line coming from the Dr. Dobsons & the John Hagee's.

If you hate the schools, your right, home-school or teach your child how to live Godly among the school systems.

I dont hate the schools. I work with public school kids every single day on the football field. If you think hatred of the public schools is why people homeschool then you seriously need to enlighten yourself about the homeschool movement in America.

As for me and my house... we homeschool out of obedience to scripture first and foremost.

Unfortunately for you I will not enter into a debate about homeschooling because I think you're too blinded by your own agenda to understand. It would just be a waste of time. Should you ask some legitimate questions about, and proved to be honestly seeking to learn, then I would love to have the opportunity to discourse with you on the subject.

You can try and fit me into a box all you want, but you can't.


 2008/8/22 12:42



I do not listen to any other pulpit, except the one that comes from heaven. I have long excluded the repertoire of preachers that exist today, except for some that are posted in audio here. So, You are the one with the churchianity, no , dont get that wrong, many of you here, have the gospels according to american ideals and politics, and yourselves,

I have seen many marines through Op desert storm/shield, have baptized them in water, established deering relationships with them, and through the Spirit of God taught them the Word of God. I am no novice bro, I might sound like one to u because of your own self...

I believe in the risen power, but I have learned that love comes harshly and tenderly and it rebukes hard with understanding, not hatred.

there is nothing moral about President Bush, stop it now, call a spade a spade.

We have dealt with a terrorist, so u call him moral?

You are one misinformed and apparently hallucinating Marine.

yes, I said it,
I have mentioned many issues here, and this is the response u give. I am not even trying to provoke you, but c'mon, President Bush and Dick Cheney will have to give great account for the ruin we now sit among due to their personal agenda and outright ungodliness.

U don't do what u do with war and human lives, Katrina neglect, which I was apart of, lie straight faced to the American people, and continue in folly and then U say Oh, he has been pretty good with moral issues.

Why? because he is pro life and against homosexuality? Then you all who feel this way are holier than Jesus himself.

Jesus would allow one to make a clear choice, he would allow the soul the opportunity to need Him and choose His life.

So proife, attack the garbage that has this country with such high rate abortion issues, pornography, illicit sex, the television. So prolife then provide solutions for people who get raped or incest, But for people who use it as birth control, yes, it is low down, but what are you or bush going to do to prevent people from making their own decisive choice?

Gays, they have a right to be ungodly, just like u and I. They choose the path of disobedience and death, I do agree with not legalizing same sex marriage, but it isn't the all-out moral question and issue that is pressing the people right now.

Again, we need to stop arguing here at SI, and begin fasting and praying for the purpose, power and refuge of God.

Keep waiting to be led, were all waiting to be led.

Led, led, led,

The only thing that we aren't led to do is sit around with our thumbs in our mouths waiting to be led.

If you lack power, then get the power on your knees, NOW, we need the power now, it may take a season, but God will empower us with strength and wisdom to carry out His will. A yielded life brothers and sisters, it is what he asks, a yielded life.

Whomever views my post as hard, I am so sorry, I am sick of playing around with playing half-hearted believers who think they are so holy and righteous. Am I? because that's the next question. I seek Him, I am lost without wonderful Jesus.......

 2008/8/22 14:13


ummm... I never said you were part of "churchianity". In fact, I never implied anything about you in my post other than the fact that you obviously need to be enlightened as to the homeschool movement.

And I wont get into a debate with you about Bush. Whatever dude... but I will say this: If I said "call a spade a spade" concerning Obama I can only imagine the outrage you would spew forth at me at the golden opportunity to call me a racist.

But homey dont play that game. :-)

You're a hypocrite, my friend.


 2008/8/22 15:12

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