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 A Sufficient Prayer

A Sufficient Prayer

Psalm 80:19
Turn us again, O Lord God of hosts, cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved.

This seems to be the only prayer the Psalmist puts up in this Psalm, as being itself sufficient for the removal of all ills over which he mourned.… Gathering up all his wishes into this one prayer, he reiterates it o’er and o’er—“Turn us again, O Lord God of Hosts, cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved.”… He seeks refreshing from one fountain. Let thy face no longer frown, but let it beam upon us with a smile and all shall then be well. This is a sweet lesson for the church of Christ. In your troubles, trials and adversities, seek first, chiefly and above everything else, to have a revival of religion in your own heart, the presence of God in your own heart; having that you have scarcely anything beside to pray for; … only, take care that you seek of God that you yourselves are turned again unto him, and that he would give you the light of his countenance; so shall you be saved.

Charles H. Spurgeon, 12 Sermons for the Troubled and Tried.

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 Re: A Sufficient Prayer

If God's face were to shine on us, we would really know about it.

Everything we hold in regard will seem as nothing.

God's face. Let's seek for that.

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 Re: A Sufficient Prayer

[u]I was troubled[/u] about all the time spent in conversation about unprofitable things here, though I see God use that to grow us up, making our sin clear to us. [u]My heart was tired[/u] in knowing all the things discussed here and crying out to God. But He settled my heart down to this Psalm this morning (the many vs. like 19 there), His face to shine – and all that follows from that.

Though I was intending to listen to one of the archived sermons, the title of this thread caught my eye at the bottom of the Home page. I wondered what someone would think a sufficient prayer would be. What a kessid to find this post with this very Psalm.

Oh David knew. And Spurgeon knew. and pastorfrin, and enid, and …and….and… I am very thankful on this day of prayer. (“He quickens us and we will call upon His name”)

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Everything we hold in regard will seem as nothing.

For without Him is no-thing.

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