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 They have all learned in one school -ryle

[b]They have all learned in one school[/b]

(J. C. Ryle, "Having the Spirit")

All who have the Spirit--are taught by Him. He is called
in Scripture, "The Spirit of wisdom and revelation." It
was the promise of the Lord Jesus, "He shall teach you
all things." "He shall guide you into all truth."

We are all by nature ignorant of spiritual truth. "The
natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of
God--they are foolishness to him." Our eyes are blinded.
We neither know God, nor Christ, nor ourselves, nor the
world, nor sin, nor heaven, nor hell--as we ought. We
see everything under false colors.

The Spirit alters entirely this state of things. He opens
the eyes of our understandings. He illumines us. He calls
us out of darkness into marvelous light. He takes away
the veil. He shines into our hearts, and makes us see
things as they really are!

No wonder that all true Christians are so remarkably
agreed upon the essentials of true religion! The reason
is, that they have all learned in one school--the
school of the Holy Spirit. No wonder that true Christians
can understand each other at once, and find common
ground of fellowship! They have been taught the
same language, by One whose lessons are never

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 Re: They have all learned in one school -ryle

Great article!!


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 Re: They have all learned in one school -ryle

Blessings, Greg, and thank you for the devotion.

Kenneth Roy Love

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