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You know how an ocean-going ship that moves though the sea has a “head-wave”, lots of churning up ahead of it. Engineers could measure the great disturbance it makes, the force behind it.

In my quiet time today, I thought of the thousand small examples pointing to our need for God in revival. I also recalled what the other day seemed like a “tsunami” that included the rapid swell of Ophrah sponsored deceptions, joined by Obamah with the unusual swell of his attractiveness, and the swell of Lakeland and The Shack with their offering of anything “spiritual” that will address the hunger all around that even the un-churched are reporting. And more recent the pre-US-election push of the “fairness doctrine” that could silence those men of God that are rousing themselves on the radio and in pulpits, leaning-up if not standing-up, speaking truth. And then, the “political” attacked the Biblical world-view head-on through Obamah’s speech (heard on Focus on the Family/Focus Action). A real rapid-fire, piling on. Where is the strength of this coming from?

I don’t care to think about Satan much, but I do notice things. Today, I remembered what I observed years ago. Satan is blind to what God is going to do, the in-between times. Yet, in smaller moves of God, in retrospect, it was like Satan sensed spiritually something was on the move and he kicked up a great fuss, like a head-wave, that goes before a giant ship. I hadn’t recognized it in its largeness. Can the plow be far behind?

How can we not, every one, seek God in prayer for revival (individual, national, world-wide) and the meetings in Georgia and Scotland? Yesterday, it was, “If I am going to go into some, whatever… captivity/end-time, I am going to go in on my face before God.” Today I am encouraged and add, in great expectant praising-prayer.

I hope this is not too individual for others to relate to.

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 Re: Encouraged

I don't think it's too individual. No doubt, many can relate to what you are saying.

There is, as you say, a 'tsunami' of evil at work.

Spirituality does not necessarily mean God is involved, which is the point you are making.

We need a tsunami of God being outpoured on us.

You mentioned praising-prayer. Praise can be neglected in our prayer time and we need to see that we correct this neglect.

Thanks for the post, and thank God for salvation.

God bless.

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