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 Neopaganism growing quickly

[b]Neopaganism growing quickly[/b]

Give them that old-time religion — ancient religion — and then watch an exploding population of modern pagans give it contemporary twists.

Their numbers roughly double about every 18 months in the United States, Canada and Europe, according to the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.

Neopaganism, whether a careful reconstruction of ancient practice or a completely modern interpretation of ancient lore, is now among the country's fastest-growing religions.

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Neopaganism growing quickly

A few years ago now an English Archaeologist was excavating an ancient settlement where the artifacts discovered were showing a transition from a pagan culture into a christian one. The Archaeologist was asked by Journalist what he considered to be the main difference between the pagan people and the christian. The archaeologist explained how all the pagan worship was centered around life in this world (material possesions, crops, livestock etc) where as the christians put the focus upon life after death.
Its very interesting to see how alot of modern SO CALLED Christianity has almost become pagan in itself. With followers less concerned about eternity but rather choosing (like the pagans) to seek after worldly wealth and honour.

Darren Broadhurst

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 Re: Neopaganism growing quickly

Paganism will always be with us because, while it flirts with spirituality, it can be personally self styled to suit each individual appetite. Paganism is Starbucks spirituality.

It looks like ancient history is becoming modern again...Christians who commit themselves to the one true God find themselves aliens in a superstitious polytheistic world.


Mike Compton

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 Re: Neopaganism growing quickly

As weired as it may sound, I am pretty sure Roman Catholicism is far more numerous in both Europe and Americas and it is growing while evangelicals are diminishing. In my opinion this is as trpoubling, if not more, as growing neo pagans or New Age movement.
Some times I am "scared" by freedom of religion and don't quite understand it although I do enjoy it so far!

P.S. no personal offence meant to Catholics or anyone else.


levan giorgadze

 2008/7/3 13:49Profile


I think here in Asheville, North Carolina it is Pagan Central. Nothing "neo" about it. Plenty to do and see here if you decide to vacation here... but the real freak show is downtown Asheville. Great place to evangelize "Ray Comfort-style" ... not a place to take your kids tho.


 2008/7/3 14:08

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 Re: Neopaganism growing quickly

There is no "new paganism"; just old selfish
nature fool enough to believe he can control
his fate or decide his destiny!!

Martin G. Smith

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