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elanham wrote:

Just because you see a deficiancy in the life of another is not the green light to address that deficiancy. There is a certain soulish rush that comes when 'rebuking' someone. This can become addictive as you begin too see yourself as Gods committed agent to 'straighten' people out. Many who do this deem themselves as being spiritual yet they only succeed in demonstrating how unspiritual they are.

Consider Jesus' words to the pharisees. He said, "I have many things to say to you, but I will only speak that which the Father speaks". In other words Jesus could look into the hearts of the Pharisees and see all the corruption. He could have easily pinpointed and dealt with the issues that He saw, yet His goal was not to correct, rebuke or any such thing. It was to do the thing that would ultimately redound to the Glory of God, whether that was to rebuke which He certainly did at times or just be silent which He also did. I along with Krispy have been guilty of this giving of correction that is not founded on the ultimate goal of Gods Glory. So many correct but their correction comes without tears and without the pain that is inherent to a heart that is joined to the heart of the King who Himself is a man of sorrows.

I encourage you to look to the garden of your own heart. Their you will find enough little foxes that would spoil the vineyard of utter committment to Christ. When you have conquered those foxes then you will be able to see clearlyl to help your brother. Simply applying scripture to a problem can be as futile as trying to get the attention of a deaf man by screaming as loud as you can.

You need to endeavor to speak Gods council. And you will not get Gods council for another until you obey His council for your own life.

The endtime purposes of God can easily be frustrated by our zeal to bring correction that does not flow out of the Life and Heart of God.

Grace, Grace to you.


Hehehe, elanham please read the post before making comments, it's funny but if you read my first post you will find that I don't actually agree with the title of my post and that the title is what the attitude is of many people in the post modern charismatic/prophetic group think...


These really are some godly posts here and I'm blessed to be in the company of such humility and wisdom. This forum is really going to make for a good online home (looks for place to set up tent).

All for souls,


William Thomas Anderson

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 Re: Jesus Rebuked People and So Can I...Peter, Paul, John the Baptist and so on

Hi everyone,

John the Apostle, describes John the baptist this way,

There was a man sent from God...

And that was true also of Peter, and of Paul, and of others.

They did not only speak about God. They spoke for Him(John 3:34).

I think that is an important distinction if we are to take their words and use them as an example for our own, words.

The Lord Jesus said,

[b][color=660000] I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me. [/color][/b]

- John 5:30(KJV)

And perhaps we should consider also the measure of grace that we have recieved.

Paul the Apostle, in the letter to the Romans wrote of having recieved grace and apostleship(Romans 1:5). And he wrote by grace also(Romans 15:15).

If we are not speaking for God, maybe we should try to remember that we are one sinner speaking to another.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

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Point well taken wta,

I trust I'm not above adhering to my own advise. I'll take my cup of humility sauce,Thank you. I also trust that the words that I shared, though they were shared out of an oversight of what you actually expressed, can be helpful to those who presently have this issue.

My listen for day: Read the entirety of a post before responding (^_^)

Be well.

Eric Lanham

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Here's the rebuke that follows;
You are unrighteous, for it is written there is none righteous, no not one, there is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God, they are all gone out of the way, there is none that doeth good, no not one.
When you rebuke, you need to prepare for the reproof that is coming your way, from your adversrie, who is angry that you called his church a damnable sect, whose preachers teach falsity and deceit.

Terry L Merritt

 2008/7/1 11:42Profile

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