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 My previous Church I left

I was on line and went on my previous Church we left. I was shocked to find out that they played the Revival Hymn during the service. What was shocking to me is that they are a purpose driven church, part of the Rick Warren philosophy and Willow Creek methods. First it doesn't surprise me that they would play a video through the service. I hope that they were listening, because much of the video is full of rebuke to them! Especially, when Ravenhill, said in a sermon how we are building pretty little churches....they are at the end of finishing a 11 million dollar building!

I remember sending this video to the guys in my class by posting it on my blog. I wonder if it got further than just them!

Hope a reformation will take place in the body of believers. I do miss it. but I couldn't endure it any longer.

Amazing what this video has done.

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 Re: My previous Church I left


I do believe that the Lord's supreme authority does allow for this to take place. If any, like yourself has the ears to hear the message, they will be struck with the truth of it. I'm sure they played that as a possible form of entertainment but that God had an alternate plan.

Likewise, I had heard that the motorcycle stuntman Evel Kneivel (Spelling?) had gotten saved shortly before his death and had contacted The Hour of Power to testify of it. I watched him stand in this artificial atmosphere to address a congretion that was hit with the truth by a mere babe in the Lord.

The look on Robert Schuller's face spoke volumes. I felt he was being given the true gospel as well as his audience.There was more than a famous figure on stage that morning. Who knows who took that message to heart? If you haven't seen it, I believe it's on Youtube.

There might very well be brethren that you are praying for that heard that message and are even now pondering and comparing.

God Bless. Kathleen


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