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 2007 Revival Conference Notes

After a recent thread about the 2007 conference I felt led to review some of the messages from then. I was not able to attend the conference but I did listen in on the evening sessions that were broadcast on the net. In reviewing the notes that I took from those evening sessions I was challenged again to take up revival praying more earnestly. In light of the recent thread that proposed starting an online prayer meeting for the upcoming conferences, I thought that I would post my notes here to help fuel the fires of intercession for anyone who might be so inclined...

Denny Kenaston 10/23

Psa_80:1-19 - a song of revival

1) a beautiful memory of revival (v.1, 8) We have clear records that God has moved in revival before, let it stir hope that He will move again. Let it spark a desire in our hearts. Do you remember the day you met Jesus Christ? Do you remember those first days? Let them also be a catalyst in our hearts. Psa_44:1 . Do it again Lord! Let the memory of our first love stir us to repentence. Rev_2:4-5 .
Remember the beauty of the early church and cry out to God to restore the testimony of Jesus Christ. Out of the great need comes a deep cry! (v.3, 7, 14, 19) . We must PRAY! If we didn't have memories of revival the current condition would be very discouraging, but let faith rise, let hope spring forth, pray positively for revival! Do it again Lord!
Lets get on praying ground and stay there til God comes.

2) There is an angry enemy of revival - the boar out of the woods (v.13). Satan hates revival. He can destroy a vineyard quickly. Let the fire burn again in your heart and he will oppose you greatly. We must watch and pray. Build the house with one hand on the work and one hand on the sword. Watch against the enemy night and day. He will try to divert our attention with worldly things. He will keep you from a devotional life in any way he can. Lets get jealous over our hearts.

3) the powerful reality of revival. v.14 visit this vine. God will visit His people and change us. The power and presence of God puts men on their faces. When God comes people are changed, homes are changed, neighborhoods are changed, cities are changed, nations are changed. The church becomes a vibrant testimony.

4) the Glorious Person of revival - Jesus Christ. v.17. The man of thy right hand. Build your life on Jesus and he will build His church. Christ must be exalted, the Cross preached. He will be all-in-all.

5) the longevity of revival v.18. true revival has a stabilizing effect on people, true revival lasts. Let's not settle for anything less. There will be change and everyone will know it.

Revival comes by a turning to God, repentence is the unchanging way to revival. The heart must be dealt with, we can pray and pray, we can sing and sing, but our hearts must be right. Stand in the light of His presence and see yourself as you really are. Search my heart oh God... Honesty, humility, brokenness, utterly undone.

Carter Conlon 10/24

We're called to show forth the praises of God. We must allow God and others to speak into our lives. We must be open to allow God to speak into every area of our lives. He has a right to claim every part of this temple, we are bought with a price. Everything that is not of God must be cast out of our lives.

2Ti_3:1-5 - perilous times, we're living there now. There is a form of godliness but no power. American Christianity is robbing the world of true religion. The only hope for America now lies in the pulpit. Every preacher must speak for Christ, whatever is hindering the testimony of Christ must be removed now, this must be our cry. Who will prepare himself for the battle? How will the people know?

God help us today to deal with the half-heartedness. God's remedy has always been a man that lays hold of the promises of God and believes. God let me see what I'm trying to save of myself that would hinder your testimony. You have the right Jesus Christ, you are the Lord of my life! Revival isn't my striving more, I simply have to agree with God in every area and let Him do it. Thats the difference between the old covenant and the new. The old was "you do, I do", the new is "you believe, I do!"

God has to have all of your heart before you can have all of His.
Revival is when God has all of me and I have all of Him. What is it that God is trying to speak that you won't let in?

God don't let us be left on the unbelieving side, let us cross over Jordan this night, now!! Don't let me wake up another day without being changed forever.

Keith Daniel 10/25

The single greatest tragedy the world faces today is compromising Christianity. Search me oh God! Psa_139:23-24
1Jn_3:20 If your heart condens your life, sow to yourselves in righteousness and reap in mercy and break up your fallow ground. Hos_10:12
How? Carefully and prayerfully expose your heart to the uncompromising standard of God's word. Jer_23:9

What does the Bible declare about a Christian who lives in compromise?

1) When he continuously fails God with his eyes. 2Sa_11:2 Mat_5:28 Jas_1:14
1Co_5:6 A second look is sin. 2Pe_2:14.
Make a covenant with your eyes. Rom_6:11-13

2)When he continuously fails God with his thoughts. Rom_1:28 Eph_2:3 Pro_23:7 As you think, you are. Isa_59:7
Isa_55:7 Every thought must be brought into captivity. You're as holy as you want to be. Rom_12:2 if there be any viture and praise think on these things Php_4:8 . Is being entertained worth being defiled?

3)When he continously fails God with his mouth. Jas_3:8-9 Pro_12:22 Do we believe that? Lies and pretense are an abomination. We can even fail with our prayers when we pray to impress men. Mar_12:40 Oh God forgive me and cleanse me of this sin. Do I love to be seen of men? Remove this love from my heart oh God! When thou hast shut thy door, pray in secret.
Don't take the Lord's name in vain. Jas_5:12 It is an insult to Christ's name to say anything more than 'yes' or 'no' to make someone believe them.
Do we murmer and complain? Php_2:14-15 . In everything give thanks, in good or bad. 1Th_5:18 Job_2:9-10
Do we whisper about others? Jas_4:11 Pro_10:18 Pro_26:20
Do we endlessly babble? avoid empty talk 1Ti_6:20 2Ti_2:16 Pro_10:19 even a fool when he holds his peace is counted as wise. Pro_15:23 joy comes from a good word spoken. 1Pe_3:10 Pro_21:23
Set a watch! Psa_141:3 Let me not compromise in this way oh Lord!

4) When he continouly fails God with his reactions. The fruit of the Spirit is the evidence of His presence. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, self-control. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. Slow to anger Pro_16:32 . Pro_14:29 Anger rests in the bosom of fools. Love covers a multitude of sins. 1Pe_4:8

This kind of Christianity is the tragedy of our world. It undermines the affect of the gospel, beginning in the home. If you want revival, deal with these things. Search my heart oh God Mar_7:21-23. Create in me a clean heart, renew a right spirit. Christ is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Have you been to Peniel? Have you seen the face of God? Gen_32:30

America's only hope is if we as a church stop compromising. That will be revival. We must get back to the standard of this Book!

Ron Halverson

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 Re: 2007 Revival Conference Notes

Excellent dear brother, I am trying to work on getting all the content of the revival conference 2007 archived better for review and so in turn these next 2 conferences can be archived better.

One of the parts of the archive are going to be testimonie from people there and also notes on the messages. I will notify everyone when they can submit their notes and testimonies in to me.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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It would be wonderful to have a dedicated thread to on-going testimonies giving Glory to God.

I'm looking through 2007 posts to spot some from then. Maybe some on this site could even share before GA. In my life God has opened His Word at the perfect time for me to trust and obey. I was way old when I learned this simple, simple lesson from our Father. A real Duh! But oh what Grace follows His mercy.

Calming down now. It's just a thought.

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