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 Christian Fiction?

I have always done a lot of fiction reading.

Part of that is due to the fact we choose not to have TV in our home (I was raised in a home without one) and partly it is because I simply enjoy a good story.

I quit reading secular fiction long ago because of the blatant blasphemous language, lifestyles and violence that they portray.

Over the last couple of years I have been noticing a trend in the Christian Fiction books that I have read.

Some time ago I began to see an increase of alcohol being consumed by Christian characters. I also have been seeing more and more cursing in the books. It all seemed to start a few years ago with slang words or "mild" (God forbid) curse words, but it is definitely escalating. My wife and daughter are noticing this in the books they read also.

Last week I bought a book by a "Christian fiction author. It was one that I have anticipated getting for some time. My wife finally talked me into getting it. It was Ted Dekker's book "Adam".

Imagine my surprise to find crude sexual humor early in the book. It was questionable but I plowed on until I finally could take no more.

When the demon possessing one of the main characters is portrayed in his filthy talking glory?... I am sorry, but I was deeply offended.

I have enjoyed several of Ted's books in the past but I will never purchase another, Lord willing.

This got me to wondering what is happening to the Christian fiction genre.

Here is my take on it. We don't need "Christian" Stephen King's (Although wouldn't it be great if Stephen King became a Christian). We need to pray that God would raise up writers for us and our children that would offer them uplifting and encouraging reading.

I am not saying that every page should be filled with bible verses... we have bibles! But is it asking too much for good stories without the filth and perversion that pervades society as a whole? After all have we not been called out?

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 Re: Christian Fiction?

I love a good story too, and have abandoned most fiction for biographies. I love missionary biographies because they combine practical edification with a lot of adventure and inspiration.

Some of my favorites are "Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret", and Frank Drown's "Mission to the Head Hunters".

Here's a free audio version of Hudson Taylor's biography:

[url=]Hudson Taylor Audiobook[/url]

Reading about real people doing real things for God motivates me more than reading about fictitious people doing fictitious things.

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