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 Should Acts 2:42-47 be a pattern?

There is much argument when it comes to the topic of how we are to approach the book of Acts. The argument is that there were things that took place in Acts that aren't necessarily to be applied to us today, because there is no direct command to the church that we are to replicate it.

The other is that the book of Acts needs to be our manual. We need to return to the roots of our apostolic faith.

With that, what do you think of Acts 2:42-47? I have heard it said that the communal living, the sharing of goods and possessions is a direct answer to the prayer of Jesus found in John 17 where He prays "that they may be one". To come to this type of oneness in Christ corporately, does the church need to get back to being a community of believers rather than two services a week?

Art Katz has preached messages on this as well as Dietrich Bonhoffer "Life Together" which speaks about the necessity of community.

What are your thoughts?

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 Re: Should Acts 2:42-47 be a pattern?

Mattie wrote:


...does the church need to get back to being a community of believers rather than two services a week?

I think that the great majority of Christians believe that this is all that is needed, if even that.

Living life for Christ is an everyday, every hour, every minute and every second calling. To do anything less (as we all do) is to do less then what God wants us to do.

This being said, I am not against people who go to 2 services a week and do not live communal. It is all about living for Jesus. If you are not living for Him, it wouldn't matter if you are in the temple day and night, as the Pharisees


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 Re: Should Acts 2:42-47 be a pattern?

There are more keys to the book of Acts than just communal living. Many have went off on a "kick" to "restore" one of these missing keys, only to find their results just as bad as before. Some say, "The early church met in houses, that's the key to Apostolic Christianity!" but nothing ever changes since they are taking the same unrevived people from a building to a house. Other's say, "Communal living is the key!" and again, even Buddhist monks live in community.

I believe the book of Acts is supposed to be the ultimate "blueprint" for the church, so to speak, but we have to look at it without being biased to exalt one "key" above another and we have to put things in proper perspective. There are many keys in the first few chapters, such as:

1. The Apostles and disciples involved had already spent years with Jesus -they knew their Lord well, were personal in thier relationship with Him, and were utterly and completely submitted to His Lordship (obedience was not an option).
2. The first thing that starts off the whole book is receiving the fullness of the Holy Ghost, the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire. This is where their power came from. Take that away and the book of Acts wouldn't exist, because that's where it started. The Holy Ghost is the One who produced in them selfless love, burning passion for Jesus, and power for ministry. We won't come close to experiencing what they experienced unless we are baptized with the same endowment of power from on high.
3. They sold their extra earthly possesions to distribute to brethren who lacked, obeying Jesus and living seperate from this world, looking with a steadfast hope constantly for their Lord from heaven.
4. They shared all things in love including thier lives with one another.
5. They were active in witnessing to the lost and winning souls.
6. They had genuine signs, wonders and miracles in their midst.
7. They had a deep, deep FEAR of God upon them all.
8. They had anointed, godly leadership.
9. They continued steadfastly in the Apostle's doctrine, in fellowship, in breaking bread (Lord's supper) and in prayer.
10. Etc, etc.

As you can see, there are many keys. But before any given community can experience the Book of Acts, it all has to start with knowing Jesus personally and being intimately acquainted with Him, and receiving a mighty baptism of Holy Ghost power. I believe the other keys will even flow from meeting these two if they are met in fullness corporately.

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Good points Josef. I have appreciated what Art Katz says about community. And I don't think it was what he had in mind to just get a group of people together to fill that construct. However, get a group of people with Josefs list in hand and together in one will have a repeat of Acts. But, it won't be easy. Art himself heard from the Lord on this issue when He said, "you are finished, Art." Meaning you will not be a popular icon, blazing the radio and tv waves, hyping people up with emotional vibrations.
So, imagine living in community with friends and having to reprimand someone for indecency, or another for this indiscretion or even being chastened yourself by someone who is a pipsqueak in the faith, but you know he is right.
That, in my opinion is real living, in authentic and transparent communion with the brethren and with the Lord Jesus Christ. We don't get this in the local buildings we call synagogues (O, my fault, they're churches), we don't get that chastening by our brothers as often as we should. And we may never get it unless we live in 'community.'

With all that said, it is my thought that the Lord will, through outward influences, drive us to this type of living. Should dreadful days be ahead without a chance of being 'raptured,' then we will be forced to this type of living.

We shall the plot thickens.


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 Re: Should Acts 2:42-47 be a pattern?

Just the other day it happened to hear one message from Art that is speaking on this very subject and I highly recommend it, I was much encouraged and blessed:

[b]True Fellowship[/b]

Other similar message also:

[b]To God be Glory in the Church[/b]

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And then God spoke out of heaven, with a great light and knocking him to the ground and blinded him, Paul, Paul being Saul, Saul.

Even the church in Acts 1-5 did not get it.

"Christ in You the Hope of Glory".


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