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 movie Finger of God by Darren Wilson


Has any of you seen the movie 'Finger of God' by Darren Wilson? It is about a guy who doesn't believe in miracles for today and he goes out and investigates and documents his journey...

Once you get past the first twenty minutes of gold teeth, gold dust and diamonds falling, etc... which can seem weird to a lot of people, it actually gets really good. Especially when he visits non-Western churches and documents what God is doing there, like China, Africa, Turkey, the gypsies, etc.

More info:

You can buy it at amazon... or look at a low quality version of it on google video:

In love,


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 Re: movie Finger of God by Darren Wilson

Hey, brother Fernando. I appreciate your earnestness in this post. However, due to this topics heavy coverage in the past, I confess this thread will not amount to much and may in fact be closed.

Check out a post I had concerning this issue a few months ago:

[url=]THE FINGER OF GOD[/url]

There is also a thread on 'Gleanings from Psalms 18 - by Art Katz that is a firm and prophetic word about signs and wonders. Please peruse at your convenience. Do a search for this topic on this site, or go to []ART KATZ[/url] to read this.

Seek Him first, let all your seeking and desiring be Him. Add to your getting and maturing, Him. Let nothing distract you, sway you, hinder you from seeking Him and knowing Him.


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Joined: 2005/6/3
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Thank you Ruach34, I should have searched the forum first so see whether there were any more threads on it.

I have seen this gold dust several times, a friend I trust had it appear in his bible, I don't know what it is and am willing to look beyond it.

If you look further into the video, it shows wonderfull things, like a whole village that comes to Christ in Mozambique because a women all know to be deaf is healed... It made me rejoice in my spirit, that God is on the move throughout the whole world (like among the gypsies in Bulgaria, the chinese church, etc.)

This video was a blessing to me, even if I don't understand the first 20 minutes about the gold teeth, golddust, manna and gemstones...

In love,

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