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Very true.
Had lunch with two dear brothers in Christ and we were talking about the nation of Israel.
We ended up on the topic of America and how comfortable we are and how often people ask for prayer to keep their comfortable living going. Many here are not willing to allow their life to be messed up. Prayer requests such as; 'pray that the gas prices will go down so I can drive to the lake this weekend,' are some of the examples.

But bottom line - Americans are not willing to live any different than comfortable and lush lives. I don't want to point a finger at any group of people, especiallyif three fingers are pointing back at me. So, i post this for some serious introspection and help from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Well, the days ahead will certainly challenge that kind of living. It already has...


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Well Ruach

We know that the Son of man had no where to lay His head. We know that Paul had to contend with having money and not having money. He knew what it was to hunger and he knew what it was to have plenty. Yet, it was because he had learned to be content in all of these situations that he was able to say "I can do all things through Christ who strenghens me." Its an oft quoted Scripture, but rarely in context. If one goes into a time of severe trial without having learned how to be content in all situaltions, that person is in trouble..............Frank

 2008/6/26 21:44

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 Re: Revival before the Trib.

Hi, I'm new here. Happy to be with folks who believe in revival. :-) Anyway, what I wanted to say was that I have been thinking that revival will come before the rapture, because the church is in terrible shape right now, and it does not bring glory to Jesus. His bride is to be adorned, to reflect the Lord's glory.

It says judgement will begin at the house of the Lord. If that be so, then the Holy Spirit must be poured out to enable the church to respond. So, I've been praying so much lately for an on fire Holy Ghost revival like in the old days. Ravenhill says you don't have to advertise a fire! How true. All will know it when it's real.
There is so much fake stuff happening today, and it seems no one has discernment. We are definitely living in the days just prior to the Trib.

But for me, it is all the more reason to look for revival. The Lord has not brought us this far to drop us now. What He has done before He can do again. He said GREATER works shall you do becasue He went to His father. We have not seen the greater works yet. Have we provoked the Jewish nation to jealousy?

It's coming!!! The more I see the preparation of the Trib coming on, the more I believe it's on it's way. God bless all who are asking for revival. Little.

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Hi Little.......welcome to SI. Yes , its coming. All of us in here believe in revival. "For God so loved the World," He will not let the church that remains today languish in its present state, if only for the worlds sake. May the fire from heaven fall on all of us that sleeps to the glory of our risen Lord...........Frank

 2008/6/27 8:53

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