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It is filth,

There is an epitome of filth even on this website, but it is dressed up, with a suit and tie, and a pair of shined shoes and articulate conversation.

I come here from time to time to hear sermons and to get an occasional word of encouragement, this site has turned into a bunch of confusion and mayhem.

I do not care to argue this any further, so no one actually has to entertain it, I will just be viewed as a disgruntled, upset, brother to some , infidel to others. I care not, in the midst of what this world is going through and where we are as a nation, as a body of so-called saints, this is the negativity and carelessness we have to talk about.

I do understand, this is what we know, knowledge puffeth up, it causes all of us to be "dingbats", highminded, heady, and we will never realize fully what it is to be a saint of the most High God. I do not care to be called sanctimonious or ignorant, I care about people, the Saints, and the lost.

Many times I come to this site and ask questions, I do to understand how ridiculous for many of us to make the certain comments that have flame-filled tendencies to insult, breakdown and downright belittle because one or two of us all have learned something new.

Knowledge puffeth up.

I will be viewed wrong, and that is OK, but I am concerned now for the purpose of this forum, I understand what it is said to do, but amid the positive outcry and encouragement, there is a considerable amount of deepened self-righteousness and selfishness as a whole.

Well, that is my case
I hope it can be reflected upon. I am nothing, and I realize that, but the saints must realize that no matter how much they keep ignoring the things like this that I say, it needs to be reflected upon.

Try shutting the forum down for 3-5 days to reflect, and see what can truly come from that. I do not think that will happen due to agenda and ulterior motive, but that is my solution.

Again Saints, we are talking about why the left is bad and the right is better or vice versa, we are reflecting upon complete negativity of Barack Obama or john McCain. There are still deeply racist brothers and sisters on this site, and I can only express that because of what people say and how they say it. I ned to add this, I can never side with someone who states that America was founded upon Godly principles, if they were they would have never allowed slavery and disenfranchisement, hardships, and continued crimes and disparities. This country has slowly been on the decline since it has become a nation just to bring God's plan of revelation to fruition.

We HATE GOD in this society, Christians and the lost alike. If we christians didn't hate God in our lost core, We would be also lambs led to the slaughter for Christ sake.

Lets all get a Holy Life

 2008/8/22 9:42

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Neil

you know who I am. say it.

[i]And there came a traveller unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him; but took the poor man's lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him.

And David's anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this thing shall surely die:

And he shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing, and because he had no pity. And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man.[/i]


Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.


Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;


No sting of conscience to portray oneself as someone else. To feign indignation - To come in some other way. To speak of authenticity without being authentic.

To love the truth and hate every false thing ...

Evil imaginations are they which are to be cast down. That means even those suspicions that which are not based on evidence. The worlds thinking is built upon this very fabric. To take two bits, build an air castle and then take up residence within it's walls. Become familiar with it's furnishings, it's ambiance, it's cracks and faults, the mud prints on the floor, the dust in the corner - How it will react to the elements of the seasons, everything about it all known in such fine detail. Only that the whole thing is a great illusion, an imagination.

So it is that we will guess, speculate- devise evil where none exists or worse 'prophesying' such notions as fact. Great sweeping generalities.

If we are not going to be honest here there is no point in going any further. That the internet is the home of anonymity has no bearing on this sites mandates. Gods word and the life of Christ demands honesty at the core of our being, there is no other way around it. You are who you are and not some else despite whatever moniker is used as a member name.

To put us in the position of having to guess, having to wonder if you are somebody that has been removed from the site in the past - what disposition at the core are you operating under? We recently had a more brazen attempt at this with a member who had been removed resuming under his old name a year later, as if nothing had transpired - never once asking to be reinstated.

There are some very misconstrued imaginations of what level of tolerance and patience is offered here. The [url=]MUST READ: SermonIndex Forum Disclaimer / Community Rules[/url] that is set here as a guideline is not a hard and fast, strong arm of the law, didactict set of rules per se but a guideline. That it can be abused in the same way that agonized the apostle Paul speaking of the presumption of grace, God forbid!

To presume upon what we may or may not allow, to presume upon forgiveness - To do as one pleases, to come in some other way in some other guise is to miss what is at the core of all these great dead examples have left us here.

I am not happy at all at this unveiling, I had hoped I was wrong, there is every possibility that you Neil were someone else albeit with an uncanny resemblance. Will not play this game, this site is not a game or a place for playing them. It is not a chat room or anything goes as had been stressed before. If we allow one to sneak in in this manner then others find it justifiable to do the same as I now just caught a glimpse of Grannyannie attempting to reestablish herself here jumping over to grab the link for the disclaimer.

Will leave room for your response.

Mike Balog

 2008/8/22 10:10Profile

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Dallas, Texas


There is an epitome of filth even on this website, but it is dressed up, with a suit and tie, and a pair of shined shoes and articulate conversation.

Sir, you may excuse yourself. The issue is not with this forum, but what is inside you. There are plenty of edifying discussions taking place here.

This is precisely why political discussions are off limits here, but even so, it does not excuse unfair generalizations like the one you put forth. Your searing invective does nothing but stir up more invective from others. If you are this disgruntled, why subject yourself to further disappointment? Unless, of course, you're just wanting your opinions to be heard - in the same way you object to others putting forth their own.

Paul Frederick West

 2008/8/22 10:16Profile


However, taking this one paragraph and making it override every other thing written by the Founding Fathers..

What things written? Do you have some quotes?

including the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution

There is no mention of Christ or His cross in either of these documents. They do mention God, but so does Oprah...

America's religious culture has been, through the years, primarily Christian.There is no doubt that the morality of our founding fathers was influenced by Christianity. The majority of them believed in "chrisitian morals". But, if that is what defines someone as being Christian, then we will have to say that both Senator Obama and Senator McAin are belieivers also. I for one am not ready to call them brothers.

Look, I love America. I love this country. I love little league baseball and pop warner, and I love the 4th of July. I love the Star Spangled Banner, I love our a believer in Christ I cannot say that America is, or has ever been, a Christian nation. That we AS A NATION have pleased God because our founding fathers believed in Christian morality? No, God, in his providence has chosen to bless us and use us for His purposes, but that does not mean we, AS A Nation, ever pleased Him,no more than Assyria, Babylon, or any other nation he used for his purposes, pleased Him.

 2008/8/22 10:44


Paul West,

I will excuse myself, but I am stating this because you for instance, you research posts from others and then "paste it" back into peoples faces. That's only one instance, it is just what is behind much of our discussions and then what comes up comes out, it is no loner edifying or productive, and I have the right to state that if I wish, I offered that in peace, but now, and as usual you respond with a "dipstick" response such as you did, when i am only stating how many individuals feel, not just me.

You wont see it mr west because u have also an agenda. can we here ver see differently.

Now, for the edifying posts, your right, and I added that, they can can be uplifting, but they too turn into a circus of self righteousness and disagreement, and there is a way for us to disagree, but you know exactly what I am saying because i am not the first.

it's like a man who marry's 3 or 4 people, and after the divorces or separation, they will never ever think it was them that had the problem.

All I am saying is look into it, that is all I have ever stated, I did not say it to insult anyone Mr West, you just felt the desire to show me the door. Man, just look into the mess that's all, I am a grown adult just like you.

 2008/8/22 10:55

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Personally, I have never considered the United States a Christian nation, but rather a nation that has always been politically tolerant of any and all religions that do not cause civil problems.

As a matter of fact, the United States was a place for those being religiously persecuted in other nations from its very inception. Catholics being persecuted in Britain and Jews not accepted any where else in the world were relatively safe to practice their faith in the United States. Asian faiths and other worldwide religions have always been allowed to be practiced in the United States. Sometimes there were problems between faith based social practices, such as the Mormons encountered, but overall the U.S. has always been a country for all faiths.

So, in Obama's specifying Christianity, Obama has made the decision to highlight one religion as a negative. No Christian would ever draw that kind of negative attention to the faith.


 2008/8/22 10:55Profile


On another note,

Mahoney and mrBill,

great posts

I have to agree with somewhat of the tone of the controversial remarks of Jeremiah Wright, at least the words that the media and hypocritical folk do not want to acknowledge,

He wasn't stting that he wanted God to damn America, but that God has damned America based upon our woes, our corruption and lies.

We have teens on drugs
10-11 yr olds with HIV and on Heroin
Child/adult porn
Extreme rise of pedophilia
Sexual immorality
Monetary and financial corruption
Corrupt Leaders such as Pres Bush and Cheney, and I add that because in my lifetime, i have never heard of or experienced such horror bought upon us by leaders.

We are killing each other with our careless concern of our planet
technology is suppose to be our future, but since we have/are forgetting God, He has allowed it to consume us.

Evil with-holding of medical care and breakthrough for cures of certain diseases.

We are desperately and deceitfully wicked to the core.
AW Tozer wrote a piece that stated , We are Christians born into a babylonian Christianity, watered-down, inconsistent, without affection and strength, so as the generations go on and they pass along, we bring more lost people in to injurious and babylonian christianity. I did paraphrase some, but this is main substance of what he meant.

We lack authenticity, this church age, this age of the body of christ is being beckoned to know the Lord, to seek and search Him out as the patriarch and giants have.

To want Him wholly, to admonish and adhere to John as he said, little children, love not the World or the things of it, for if you do then the love of the father is not in you.

We call this nation blessed, we have turned away from Him or never ever was b4 Him.

I think for the plan of God we were privileged if you will for the purpose of bringing the end into fruition.

Blessed tho? Ah Ah

The body needs to call upon Him for the sake of the lost, for the sake of His glory. We have no glory, we have words and puffed up demeanors

 2008/8/22 11:09

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Look, I love America. I love this country. I love little league baseball and pop warner, and I love the 4th of July. I love the Star Spangled Banner, I love our a believer in Christ I cannot say that America is, or has ever been, a Christian nation. That we AS A NATION have pleased God because our founding fathers believed in Christian morality? No, God, in his providence has chosen to bless us and use us for His purposes, but that does not mean we, AS A Nation, ever pleased Him,no more than Assyria, Babylon, or any other nation he used for his purposes, pleased Him.

I think you are right, as a foreigner, i see often that american christians much more then any others many times, has a idol of pride/love to their country. Even touching on it will stir something in americans.

But there is no such thing to be found in the NT. "my kingdom is not of this world" But since the deception around year 300, i believe this deception is one of the greatest throughout christian history, even more then the "easy belivism" or "get rich" heresy's, is this deception of Christianity and state combined.

When we look what this doctrine has done and the millions that has died from these doctrines. we has to see that it is not what God established in the NT.

the anabaptists during the reformation got it, the christians who where martyred during the first centuries got it. sadly we dont, we so occupied building paradise on earth that we even fight among ourselves about it.

[i]"See how these Christians love one another!" these Christian kingdoms, that are tearing out each other's bowels, desolating one another with fire and sword! these Christian armies, that are sending each by thousands, by ten thousands, quick into hell! these Christian nations, that are all on fire with intestine broils, party against party, faction against faction! these Christian cities, where deceit and fraud, oppression and wrong, yea, robbery and murder, go not out of their streets! these Christian families, torn asunder with envy, jealousy, anger, domestic jars, without number, without end! yea, what is most dreadful, most to be lamented of all, these Christian Churches! — Churches ("tell it not in Gath," — but, alas! how can we hide it, either from Jews, Turks, or Pagans?) that bear the name of Christ, the Prince of Peace, and wage continual war with each other! that convert sinners by burning them alive! that are "drunk with the blood of the saints!" — Does this praise belong only to "Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth?" Nay, verily; but Reformed Churches (so called) have fairly learned to tread in her steps. Protestant Churches too know to persecute, when they have power in their hands, even unto blood. And, meanwhile, how do they also anathematize each other! devote each other to the nethermost hell! What wrath, what contention, what malice, what bitterness, is everywhere found among them, even where they agree in essentials, and only differ in opinions, or in the circumstantials of religion!

Who follows after only the "things that make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another?" O God! how long? Shall thy promise fail? Fear it not, ye little flock! Against hope, believe in hope! It is your Father's good pleasure yet to renew the face of the earth. Surely all these things shall come to an end, and the inhabitants of the earth shall learn righteousness. "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they know war any more." "The mountains of the Lord's house shall be established on the top of the mountains;" and "all the kingdoms of the earth shall become the kingdoms of our God." "They shall not" then "hurt or destroy in all his holy mountain;" but they shall call their "walls salvation, and their gates praise." They shall all be without spot or blemish, loving one another, even as Christ hath loved us. — Be thou part of the first-fruits, if the harvest is not yet. Do thou love thy neighbor as thyself. The Lord God fill thy heart with such a love to every soul, that thou mayest be ready to lay down thy life for his sake! May thy soul continually overflow with love, swallowing up every unkind and unholy temper, till he calleth thee up into the region of love, there to reign with him for ever and ever!

John Wesley[/i]


 2008/8/22 11:10Profile


[b]EJG[/b] said:

but it is dressed up, with a suit and tie, and a pair of shined shoes and articulate conversation.

...actually I cant remember the last time I wore a suit, tie and shiney shoes. I'm a jeans and football jersey kind of guy.

[b]EJG[/b] then said:

Knowledge puffeth up.

At least you're using the KJV! Kudo's, my friend!

With your own words in your last post you condemn yourself. I need not even reply. It's all right there for all to see. You accuse Paul and others of having an agenda... yet you're too blind to see your own agenda... which is anything but scriptural and Christian. If you truly can't see it, allow me to spell it out for you: Your agenda is to sow discord among the brethren.

For that... you should be ignored by one and all.


 2008/8/22 11:16

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KrispyKrittr wrote:...actually I cant remember the last time I wore a suit, tie and shiney shoes. I'm a jeans and football jersey kind of guy.Krispy

Actually I picture Krispy in a #24 Nascar Jersey. and yes jeans, sorry Brother I saw an opening and I took it, but you know Mr. Bill Loves ya!:-P


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