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I was raised C of E but when I turned 13 years old I became pagan, to be more precise an eclectic witch. I was awfully behaved, I never went to school, fell out with my parents and was lazy!

I got married at 17, had my identical twin boys when I was 18, I went into premature labour at 29 weeks and they were born weighing 1lb 14oz and 3lb. Both critically ill, despite my "beliefs" I got on my knees and prayed "Please God save them I will do anything" [note no "if your there"?]. He did and to hold me to the last bit. I had my daughter exactly a year later, my husband ran off with somebody else when I was pregnant with her.

After she was born I fell in with the wrong crowd and it was not long before I was taking drugs. I went out with a drug dealer and to cut a long story short - got sectioned. I had lost everything, my home, my health, my children [my parents looked after them]. I had no money, no clothes, no food. I was underweight, that was Christmas 1004.

In 1991 /1992 my nan was diagnosed with cancer. The "born again lot" [as I used to call them] came around a lot. My nan and my mum had both prayed the prayer of repentance, I refused, scoffed and mocked them.

February 10th 1995 I knew I had been born-again! The words they said plus things from my childhood came flooding back! I went to find the lady who had witnessed to my nan and mum, I did find her and she knew I had been saved. Overnight my life was transformed, drug free and I stopped smoking. My psychiatrist was amazed and signed me off, I even came of the medication.

I went to church, I got baptised in May 1995.

I had blood tests for infections and they have all come back negative - for everything! Tested more than once I add, praise JESUS! I got my family back too and a home.

Glory to GOD! I am nothing but an ex-junkie and an ex-witch who JESUS saved. [1 Corinthians 1:25-27]
I am now partially disabled due to a spinal operation for my scoliosis that went wrong and stupidly I backslid for just over a year. I did not pray enough and blamed GOD for my pain. In my anger I did sin. The LORD healed me of this backsliding and I would say to anyone who feels [unrightous] anger to pray and fully immerse yourself in the word, put GOD's armour on [Eph 6] and talk to somebody from church and pray with them.

Thankfully or more rightly so thank the LORD I did not go back to drugs but I did start smoking again. This is my biggest battle, I am determined to quit forever as it's horrid. I was delivered from it once, so I know I will, can you please pray that I will, thank you and GOD bless, Helen x :-)

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 Re: Saved


You and your family will be in my prayers.

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