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 Scotland and "warfare" praying

I posted the following in response to [u]157 days until the Greenock, Scotland Revival Conference:[/u]

[i]I read the countdown posts regularly for prayer direction and fully agree with a need for the “warfare” considerations that recent posts direct attention to (Day 157-159). There are two points here. First, Rev. 12:11 has the Truth needed in prayer particularly in these days for Scotland and secondly, a focus on the meaning of it being [u][b]logos and not rhema [/b][/u]in Rev.12:11 could be fruitful. In order to avoid muddling this thread up with discussion that distracts from the heart of this thread, I have elaborated a bit on a new thread: Scotland and “warfare” praying. [/i]

Here is the elaboration.

[u][b]On the First point:[/b][/u] Two weeks ago I saw a post on YouTube that compared, point-by-point, video from Lakeland to demonic backed methods. On that video was a man from Scotland that came to take this back to Scotland and there were demonic speakings. Although I searched for hours to locate that clip (spoke I think of kundalini, Hindu, etc.), I could only locate two that were from Bentley people of the man from Scotland. The one I cannot locate has a man sitting cross-legged on the platform made stage and third world clips, modern world classes incase someone recognizes the clip I am referencing. I took this as an escalation in opposition and pray accordingly. There must be some reason that no one knows of revival/free course of the Word of God there since John Knox.

[u][b]On the Second point:[/b][/u] Jessie Penn-Lewis is quoted in:

[u]Day 157 [/u]-[i] “They overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb.” It does not say here that JESUS overcame him, but the believer overcomes on the ground of the Blood. It is YOU overcoming. Christ has overcome for you on the Cross, but you have now yourself to overcome on the ground of the Blood, and use His weapon. YOU are to overcome, and the Risen Lord says, “To him that overcometh, will I grant to sit with Me in My throne.”[/i]

[u]Day 159 [/u]-[i] "Then again, “BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY.” The word of testimony is not something you whisper so that nobody can hear, nor is it only an “attitude.” You say you are “standing in the attitude of victory.” The “word of your testimony” means speaking out loud, and saying something that is a testimony…"[/i]


[i]It does not say “words.” It can be very short. It is a testimony directly given to Satan. Now what do you testify to Satan when he attacks you? I am persuaded we have to learn more of this direct dealing with the enemy. It is what we may call “refusing.” It is saying the word to him, “I refuse to yield to you, because I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ.” [/i]

I have been much helped in prayer with Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” The Greek choice of [u][b]logos[/b] [/u]for the English-translated word, [u]word[/u] is particularly meaningful. It is the logos, not the rhema, of their testimony, of our testimony. It’s the Christ of our testimony. With that said, wonderful Truth pours out regarding the blood and body of Christ, the Blood and Body of Christ, our death/resurrection union with Him, and the needful death of self (spiritual sacrifice) in prayer. Put another, stronger way: without the death of self, the distribution of “our” goods is, at the least, hampered. I do not know the work of Jessie Penn-Lewis very much: He probably cleared this up elsewhere in his wonderful writings which I think lead to needful prayer-points now.

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 Re: Scotland and "warfare" praying

Someone once said recently, that there are more certifiable witches in Great Britain than Christians. I am not sure on the veracity of that, but have been there a couple of times, and I can say the warfare, for me anyway, is ferocious.

I think that some of the most powerful intercessory heart cries, can be in the vein of "Glorify your name , Lord Jesus!", and "Pour out your Spirit, and revive us, and disperse your enemies.!"

When we look at Nations, and the demonic princes.[[Satan included,] consider that the Father Jahweh, and his Son, are the only ones who hold
authority here, for it is given by them. "Power belongs unto God."

I like to proclaim the psalms, and Jesus's Glory, as a means to victory.

Consider Amos 5, vss, 8 and 9. It's God's universe. He made the Stars, the night, and the light, and He pours out His waters when He wants to.....and when He does, the waters tear down, and destroy the Fortresses of the Devils. This is the Nature of revival, and the focus of our prayer. "My enemies are greater than I!"...David. ..But, Satan, and every Demon, are as nothing, and less than nothing before the Lord on His Throne!....nothing!

Jessie Penn-Lewis was a lady. She worked with Evan Roberts. She had a lot of good to say, but some things were extreme. Google her name, and look at the books written, and commentary on her life. Some say, she counted her own personal prophesies given, as the Divine Word of God.....find out for yourself..

She was a popular speaker at the Keswick conventions, which were legendary, and filled with many true spiritual giants...

Thank you for your exhortation to be a cross driven people, not a self driven crowd. I appreciate your desire to seek God with all of your heart, and obey the important issues, ...Tom

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that there are more certifiable witches in Great Britain than Christians.

Amen to these posts. Oh the need is great and we must pray and be hearing God everyday allowing Him to show us sins and the unyielded self. And therefore become vessels of honor that he can intercede through.

This is the initial posting of a prayer initiative beginning for the revival conference:

[b]Praying For Revival and the Revival Conferences..[/b]

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Brothertom writes...."but have been there a couple of times, and I can say the warfare, for me anyway, is ferocious."

Brothertom. I was born and raised in Greenock, Scotland. I now live in Kansas. Almost every Christian I have ever talked to , talked about the ferocious nature of the spiritual warfare in Scotland, even as they step of the plane. I was there in January, and it was one of my toughest ever trips, spirutally. Every night the Lord had me in prayer, just weeping over the whole region. I now know why of course. When I came back and suggested to Greg Gordon that he have the revival in Greenock, I knew then, why there had been such a battle when I was there. For anything there is a cost, and the battle is not for the faint-hearted. The only thing that can stop this revival from being "succesful," is if Christians shrink back from the cause, that and pride. Let us pray that niether of these things come to pass, for we already have the victory, we just have to possess it..........Frank

 2008/6/21 17:53

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When we look at Nations, and the demonic princes.[[Satan included,] consider that the Father Jahweh, and his Son, are the only ones who hold authority here, for it is given by them. "Power belongs unto God."

Praise the Lord, all power does belong to Jesus. Jesus said, "all power in heaven and in earth has been given to me." And by the Holy Spirit, He who Has the power gives Himself to us.

We believe we can be filled with the Holy Spirit but sometimes we falter when it comes to believing that the power that He said would be there, is there.

Our faith must rise above merely asking for things. There are demonic powers that oppose revival, those things must be removed. Jesus said , "I give you power over all the power of the enemy." If we exercise that power in prayer and become aggresive in this warfare, the victory will be ours. "Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven...". "I give you the power..." We know it is God, but it is God working through a human vessel. If we don't give Him the vessel, he can't work.

If the devil has blinded the eyes of the world, we should have the power in prayer to remove the blindfold and let the light of the truth shine in.

Faith is not a beggar, faith is a warrior.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: Appolus and inthelight:intercession

Greatly inspiring posts...and faith building. we need each other, to form a wall of prayer and fortitude. I think of Nehemiah, and Ezra....No compromise resolve that backs down the threats with more mortar with the trowel, and a sharp sword ready to draw...

It's refreshing to hear the sound of some of David's men.

The song of Moses comes to mind..."I will sing unto the Lord, for he has triumphed marvelously. the Horse and rider, cast into the sea."

My Father is God, and I will praise Him!

 2008/6/21 21:32


Hi inthelight....When I went back to Scotland for a year, I formed a small group, about six of us, prayer warriors. We went to all the high places around Greenock and prayed against the principalities and powers. We cried out to God that He would revive this land and pour out His Spirit. There is much prayer and long preperation in the land of Scotland, faithful embers representing God all over the land waiting to burst into flames...........Frank

 2008/6/21 23:00

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 Re: Scotland and "warfare" praying

Brothertom: Thank you. I will search in your Bible references tonight. They sound a bit Knox-like. It was only the poverty of testimony from Scotland on revival, the direction prayer from the countdown was taking, and John Knox that exposed footprints of what you and Appolus report. I found, from John Knox, my start in prayer for the Revival meetings in Scotland: John 17, Psm.9:17-20, and Lam.5:19-21. He said it was key in Scotland. And I could feel the heart inside him that it took: “Give me Scotland or I die.”(Thread revival history question). So, I shout YES to David’s men. YES YES. IntheLight’s warriors. Appolus, alert your group.

Sermonindex: The post [b]The Sin of Silence [/b]and your comment where you noted the posting today/yesterday, was timely Greg, and not just for leaders, and not just to address the sin in the country, it’s the Bride, all the little ones ripped and torn, the wicked heart (ours) that would drag us naked, by chains, in the downward course the church is taking. Hitler was not the only glove for Satan. Please forgive me for not knowing better how to give links to what I speak of on SI. Also Greg, others and I are praying about the suggestions your first posting of this praying group asked us for (See the Announcement Forum). Greg you’ve given needed suggestion right here yourself:

[i]Oh the need is great and we must pray and be hearing God everyday allowing Him to show us sins and the unyielded self. And therefore become vessels of honor that he can intercede through. [/i]

I agree: prayer for ourselves to this end, and for one another. If He doesn’t show me... none of us. We are all standing in the need of prayer. (Oh thank you Father for Greg, and the yielded-ness of poor, weeping ones that hunger so for You in revival.). And the [u]daily hearing [/u]you point to is also the heart of another suggestion. I heard the Word John Knox used: First Psm.9:17-20, and Lam.5:19-21, then John 17. We could start for Scotland, with large doses of this Word of God. Maybe e-mail to you the Bible verse we hear, out of the many we hear/read each day, that God specifically points out is for Scotland. You could discern where to start each time. God's pinpoint direction for [u][b]these[/b][/u] days emerges. Did you notice the posting thread on fasting and prayer? Oh Sorry I have to stop this post. just too much. Maybe more later. Here or the Announcement Forum.

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