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 New Heaven and a New Earthly Kingdom

Roman conscripts from all the captured countries surrounding Israel came and lay siege.
The cities of Judea were destroyed and did become desolate.
The stones were thrown down, even the earthly temple built by Herod.
That congregation were judged and 144,000 are reigning in peace in Heaven with our Lord.

New Heaven and a New Earthly Kingdom

Thy Kingdom has come O Father.
Thy Tabernacle O God is with men,
Christ Jesus is Lord of Lords.
Christ Jesus is our Priest.
Christ Jesus is our Temple.
Christ Jesus is our Head and we are the congregation..
The Good Shepard is among His flock.
We have ceased all rebellion, the spirit of antichrist and have surrendered to Your will.
We accept Your Son’s wedding gown. We praise His Holy Name
We know His voice, and daily pick Him up, our Ensign and His cross and lift them up.
Jesus Your Son is the Fountain of Your love that sustains us.
How sweet the Fountain of Love. How sweet is His Spirit.
Thank you Father, our garments will never wear out and we will never thirst again.

Has there been a falling away and your spiritual eyes opened and you saw yourself sitting on the throne of your heart. If you have not then you are still the sum of man, not a spiritually begotten born again son of God. All religion is false except the religion of love. Love God and your enemies and your brothers and sisters in Christ.. Then your life will be governed by love not covetousness there by winning the victory. False religion is any guile that is based on will worship. True religion brings peace. Do you have peace. If you said no, I beg you to stop dunging a dead tree and turn to Jesus. The path is narrow and few find it.



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