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 What Is Genuine Revival Interview on Miracle Channel

[b]What Is Genuine Revival Interview on Miracle Channel[/b]

Greg Gordon is interviewed by the Talk Show Host and producer Paul Arthur. This show is INSIGHT and is aired on In this show the question is asked What is Genuine Revival? The episode is one hour long with live call-in's from viewers across North America. You can download the whole segment here on Below is a transcript of part of the show where there is some solid talk about what truly is a genuine revival from God and its Charicteristics. You can watch this segment on youtube here: Miracle Channel Interview With Greg Gordon.


HAROLD: The Cross and Dealing with the self-life. I personally do not doubt that good things are going on in Florida. I have personal problems with even calling that a revival because there is not according to biblical revival built on a strong foundation of prayer, repentance, restitution and confession of sin. We do read historical accounts of revival and find out that well the whole communities were affected morally because of what happened to the life's of the believers. And that is the result of a spiritual awakening. That is my prayer that we would see genuine revival in our country.

PAUL ARTHUR: Well, I appreciate that Harold. How do you think that is going to happen?

HAROLD: As God's people we do need to get serious and call out to Him in believing prayer. And begin that repentance. It was Gypsy Smith that drew a circle around himself and said God send a revival and start it with me. There is no way we will see a moving of God if God's people are filled with sin and self.

PAUL ARTHUR: Well, I appreciate that Harold. Greg?

GREG GORDON: Yep I think its very good. I remember Leonard Ravenhill to always quote A.W. Tozer who was a very good friend of his. And A.W. Tozer said that: "Any revival that does not change the moral climate of the society around it is not genuine revival from God."

PAUL ARTHUR: What does the Church need to change? I know there are a lot of things but is there anything that jumps to the top of the mind? You talk about holiness being a mark of true revival. Um where are we not walking so holy?

GREG GORDON: I think one big error or problem would be that people are scared to offend, namely preachers. And when preachers preach they should be willing to offend people. True preaching from God does offend. And there is a big movement even in Charismatic circles or more Spirit-filled circles you could say, where to preach to bring conviction is considered a bad thing. Shame, guilt upon people are considered a bad thing. But those things help us get closer to God! So we need that more.

PAUL ARTHUR: Yea, I hear you. Jesus obviously never read the book: "How to win friends and influence people"...

GREG GORDON: A verse from Jeremiah 5 says: "A horrible and shocking thing has happened in the land, the prophets prophesy lies, the priests bear rule by their own means (their own authority). And my people love to have it so or love to have it that way. And here is the question: "And what will you do in the end thereof?" And that is one of the major verses God gave me from this ministry. We are in a Church age and time where the priests are doing what they think is best, what works! And the prophets are even speaking, lies is a hard word, but yes "lies". Things that tickle people's ears and we need to get back to Truth!

PAUL ARTHUR: You bring up a good point because we live in age where it is not politically correct to offend people. We talked about that. But even as prophets, and we believe there are prophets today, well I know everybody does not believe that. But, even if you don't want to call them prophets call them Church leaders, that is fine. God speaks to them but we don't often hear warnings. God loves you, yes! but if this does not change! So things certainly need to be addressed. We are rather loathed to do that these days. I think that is one of the hallmarks of genuine revival when we have preachers that are not scared to do that! is the website, you can download written sermons as well as audio sermon from famous preachers from the past. Like Tozer, Ravenhill, etc.

Paul Arthurs call-in talk show "Insight" can be viewed daily on the Miricale Channel website:

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 Re: What Is Genuine Revival Interview on Miracle Channel

Could you please post the rest of the interview on SI?
If you feel it is too long to post at one time, could you post it a little at a time.
However God leads you.
I can't watch it on my Computer.
God really used you.
You had to have His Spirit speaking through you.
Thank-you for your boldness in Him.
God Bless you, and continue to use you.

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