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 Fasting and Praying

I found that it teaches more than self control; it teaches me how much I really need to depend on God for my daily bread and water, (word and spirit).

One of the hardest things to do in life is to deny myself and pick up my cross and follow Him; daily.

So easy I look at Myself and try to do things according to My prefrences... and fail to recognize that I am His creation and He made me a certain way that only He knows how I can function properly and most effeciently.

Its a time for remembering that the we need not rely on the things that do not last. That the things that mattter most are the things that cannot be seen.

As far as How to fast, I am not sure exactly what is considered a fast... I always thought that if Jesus could fast 40 days without food or water in the wilderness. Then why can't I fast one, two, or even three days?

Then I heard about people who fast from certain foods only like caffeine, meat, and dairy. Or fast only half a day. I don't know, I guess it all counts, but shouldn't we commit to fasting 100% for 24hrs?

I feel silly, I guess God is looking into the heart not what goes into the body. Whatever fasting/praying we give Him with a sincere heart, He recieves. But I still don't understand...why then, did people like John and Jesus and many more fast with no drink or water? Shouldn't we do the same?

...For those who not much is asked of them, not much is expected from them; but from those who much is asked, much is expected...there I go again, answering my own question!
I would still like to read your thoughts on Fasting

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 Re: Fasting and Praying

Although fasting is not a popular subject, it is a necessary discipline designed to make the stomach the servant, not the master.

I don't say this as my own thought, but it is something I have read, and scripture tells us in Philippians 3v19 about those whose god is their belly.

Also, Isaiah 58 tells us of God's chosen fast and the reasons to undertake one. Like to loose the bonds of wickedness. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Also, as most know, fasting is not an option, but is expected, along with prayer and giving, Matt 6.

There is a book by Arthur Wallis called God's Chosen Fast.

It mentions 3 different types of fasting in it. The absolute fast, the normal fast, and the partial fast.

I could mention other things, but I won't be tedious.

God bless.

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 Re: Fasting and Praying

I thank the Lord that He has taught me how vital prayer and fasting is to a deep, humble yet powerful life. I have fasted on average 1 out of every two days for the last eight years. I have had many times where I've been led to take breaks but this has been the habit I've developed by His leading. Scripture is not clear on how often and in what ways we should fast but there are several places for reference that helps. Daniel's view towards fasting is a very good reference, King David's experiences are also good but one issue of extreme importance is that Jesus taught we are not effective in spiritual warfare unless we practice prayer AND fasting.
I have learned much from a modern group of missionaries who practice fasting in a typical 1 out of every two days format and their testimony (coupled with strict obedience to the word of God and souls winning) was very motivating to me as so I picked up the challenge from them. I have a friend who is a member of that missionary group and the stories of God moving in their midst is truly amazing as they have seen an authentic revival in the regions they work in.
My personal testimony is filled with dreams, visions, revelations, signs and wonders, healings, deliverance and authority over satanic forces and the like. I have also personally led and discipled too many converts to count. I will leave it to say that continual prayer and fasting has helped me to "daily pick up my cross" by denying and mastering my flesh(as best as possible as my flesh is always at war with His Spirit within me). My advice to all my brothers and sisters is, commit to a time of prayer and fasting to seek the Lord's heart on the issue of prayer and fasting and He will be faithful to reveal to you how He would have you proceed.
I don't usually talk about this publically but I have felt led by His Spirit of Love and Humility to offer this testimony. May the Lord receive all the glory for truly these things would be impossible except He do them through me. Feel free to log onto my discipleship training website for more on this as I have a downloadable mp3 teaching available for free. You can also pm me if that is better for you. My teaching ministry is called Ooraneeous Muse(To Think Heavenly Thoughts) Ministries

All for souls,

Bro. William Thomas Anderson

William Thomas Anderson

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Fasting and Prayer = Biblical. Do it. Do it for the Lord and only for the Lord. Don't become like the pharisee.

Some many good books on this (in addition to the Bible). Check them out :-)


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 Re: Fasting and Praying

If ever there was a time for prayer and fasting it is now, and I believe it is extremely important. However, just as important as the fast itself is the reason why we fast. Are we fasting because we feel that this is something that Christians are supposed to do once in a while, or are we so heart-broken for the lost and our own wretched state that we simply must fast and pray.
Regarding partial fasts (fasting from a particular food, caffeine etc), I don't to condemn this as wrong since there may be genuine reason for a person doing a partial fast (medical reasons perhaps), but I would question why a person only pursues a partial fast? What real harm will it do any of us to miss out food all together for a day or two?
Anybody considering a fast really must be 100% wanting to seek God and a fast is showing God our willingness to pursue his will above our own. For me personnally I would not do a partial fast since I have no good reason for not doing a full fast, if I were to do a partial fast it would only be because I am too lazy to give up food completely for any length of time.

Darren Broadhurst

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